Meet Elisa Ariana "Camila"

Camila is waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not an option at this time (although it could potentially become an option in the future), she still needs permanency through a guardianship family. Learn more about Guardianship or Long Term Foster Care here.

Camila (they/them) is a kind, caring, and friendly teen. With a passion for fashion and a flair for the arts, they can often be found drawing, putting together an outfit for the day, or reading and watching anime. Camila is very artistic and enjoys doing all kinds of creative arts and crafts!

Camila also has a big heart for animals, and dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian. Camila's favorite animals are fluffy dogs and cats. Camila describes themself as being very adventurous, and enjoys having new experiences and trying new things. They're excited at the prospect of traveling more and exploring new destinations!

Nearing the end of their sophomore year of high school, Camila thrives when interacting with teachers and peers in-person. Camila is a social teen and always looks forward to building new relationships and friendships. As you might imagine for a creative kid like Camila, art is their best and favorite class. Last year, Camila really enjoyed getting to dabble in piano and swimming. This year, they took the initiative to start their own after school dance club where they lead fellow students in dance moves to popular songs!

Family is very important to Camila, and they have a number of biological connections that are essential for them to maintain. Camila is invested in staying in contact with a number of these family members as they help greatly with Camila's sense of belonging, connection, and strength.

Camila is open to joining both single-parent and two-parent households, and would ideally like to be in a home that has other kids. Camila is comfortable with having either younger or older siblings. They would also like to have their own bedroom! Camila is open to being part of a family who actively practices religion, but doesn’t foresee attending church becoming a part of their own routine. Camila would love to join a family with a pet, or one who is open to having a pet (especially if it's a fluffy dog to snuggle with).

Camila does their best in a home which can provide them with a lot of structure and support. Camila is looking for a family that can help show them unconditional love, patience, and understanding when they’re faced with a new challenge. Camila is looking forward to finding a permanent family who is going to celebrate them for exactly who they are, have an open mind and heart, and provide guidance and support in the teen years and throughout their young adulthood. Camila is eager to hear from families who are affirming and accepting.

If you can see this awesome teen as part of your family, please reach out to us! We're excited to find Camila the permanent home they deserve.

Could you see Elisa Ariana "Camila" as part of your family?