Meet Isaiah

Social, independent, and so funny, Isaiah prefers to keep a busy schedule. Immediately after finishing up the football season, he rolled right into wrestling and joined the school team. When spring announces itself, Isaiah will be joining track. There’s something for every season and Isaiah takes advantage of it all.

Sports aren’t the only thing filling his time. He’s interested in other extracurriculars like his school’s Mock Trial Club, where he can learn more about the legal system. Isaiah has also participated in programs focusing on creative justice and robotics, not to mention his completion of a barista training program. For fun, Isaiah enjoys photography (and wants to take classes one day!) and playing games on his PlayStation.

Currently in his freshman year, Isaiah’s favorite class is Japanese. He’s always been interested in the language and would love to visit the country one day, where he can drink lots of Boba Tea (his favorite!).

When asked what she appreciates about Isaiah, his social worker says, “Isaiah is mature for his age and an incredible self-advocate. He is great a communicating when he needs help with something and locating resources for himself. Isaiah started a brand-new school this year and has made tons of friends within the first few months. He is social and puts himself out there.”

His foster parents appreciate how willing Isaiah is to talk things out if there’s a disagreement. Coming to a compromise is important to him.

Isaiah wants potential families to know that he’s a teenager who is independent and wants to build trust with a family over time. He’s eager to get a job when he’s the right age, continue doing well in school, and possibly go to college in the future. Though he’s unsure if he wants to be adopted, Isaiah is very open to continuing conversations about what a permanent home and family might look like for him. Additionally, Isaiah’s relationship with his brother is very important and will be essential for him to maintain throughout his life. Because of this crucial connection to his brother, his team really wants to hear from local families.

If you can see Isaiah’s joyful presence in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to help find Isaiah the right place to call home.

Could you see Isaiah as part of your family?