Meet Alessandra

Alessandra is a very loyal, funny, and smart person. She’s self-assured, a good self-advocate, and super driven. She’s got her eyes on the future and works hard to achieve her goals.

There are so many wonderful things to say about Alessandra. She’s very funny, loyal, and sharp, all qualities that make a great friend, which she is! Spending time with her friends at either the mall or the park is one of Alessandra’s favorite things to do. She also likes indulging in the latest on Netflix (current watch: Grey’s Anatomy).

Currently in her freshman year, Alessandra rocks high school and is proud of her outstanding grades. Her favorite class is PE because “it’s fun!” She’s interested in joining cheer or volleyball – hopefully her future permanent family will help support her in those extracurriculars. Right now, Alessandra has been busy with yearbook, snapping shots all over school. In general, she prefers to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. As we’ve mentioned, Alessandra is goal-oriented and definitely looks forward to being a college graduate in the future. Something else Alessandra is looking forward to? That all-important milestone known as driver’s ed! It’s just around the corner.

More than anything else, Alessandra loves her cat Patches, who she rescued as a stray. Her world just makes more sense with Patches in her life. While it’s still the ultimate dream for Alessandra to be adopted into a family with Patches, she understands that may create a barrier in finding the right place to call home – though Alessandra would like families to please note that Patches is a great indoor cat who is fully house-trained and “he’s never hurt a single person.” Clearly, Alessandra is a dedicated and responsible pet owner. She’s protective of him, and all of the people and creatures she loves.

When asked what her ideal home and family is, Alessandra says she wants to stay close to the important connections in her life, including her sisters, other family, and Patches. She’d really like to have her own room and to be part of a family with “normal teen independence and expectations,” including the freedom to see her friends and biological family. Additionally, Alessandra has said she prefers a smaller family with no more than two or three other kids in the home. She’s also not a fan of pet rats or living on a farm!

Alessandra’s team is eager to hear from any great family as long as they are ready to welcome Patches and Alessandra together. If you can envision this wonderful teen in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find Alessandra (and maybe Patches!) the adoptive family they deserve.

Could you see Alessandra as part of your family?