Meet Anthony

Anthony is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Passionate about: Spirituality
Loves: Getting creative with cooking
Future goal: To open a café
Looking for: A permanent home as he becomes an adult

An artistic youth, Anthony is always ready to jump into a new creative endeavor. From drawing to singing gospel music to keeping up with fashion, Anthony has so many cool interests. It doesn’t stop there. He’s into meditation, herbs, crystals, and cooking, especially the southern-style food.

Passionate and social, Anthony loves a good conversation, and this theme runs throughout his In-Depth Profile. As a storyteller, he has a way with words that will take whoever he is speaking with into a vibrant and textured world. He’s a great question-asker and an engaged listener, too. He really builds connections with people by sharing about his unique interests and experiences, including his spirituality and interest in Wicca, and asking others about their own sense of meaning, purpose, and practice. He’s always curious about what people are into and really cares a lot about the people around him and the people he loves.

For his In-Depth Profile, Anthony wanted to sit down and share from his heart about his values, passions, and specific hopes for needing people in his life that can be by his side, saying, "I've got you."

Anthony is incredibly empathic and always tries to put himself in others’ shoes. On an occasion when his phone was stolen, even though he was upset, he also made comments that the other person may have “needed it more than him” and hoped they’d make “good use of it.” He also has a lot of empathy for folks who are currently experiencing homelessness, and wishes the world to be a more hospitable and compassionate place than it currently is for too many people.

Currently in the 10th grade, it may come as no surprise that Anthony likes all of his different electives and is super interested in attending culinary school in the future. To Anthony, food can act as a conduit for love. He has fond memories of amazing connections between food, culture, and his grandmother. When asked about a particular food memory connected to her, he thinks about his grandmother's coconut cake, which he describes as tasting "like a cloud." He dreams of creating incredible food experiences for others, as he hopes to someday open his own café.

Anthony really wants to be understood and listened to by caregivers. When asked, he’s expressed his ideal family would include at least one dog and one cat – bonus points if the cat is white and fluffy and the dog looks like a wolf! He dreams of finding a family who will spend quality time together doing “family things” like cooking together, hanging out and watching TV, and general family bonding.

One photo of Anthony wearing his Charmed TV show sweatshirt and another photo of him showing off wristbands. Anthony’s quote says, “I'm just ready to be with a that just can see me and accept me and just say, let's embrace that and let's help to heal.

Anthony knows that individuals will have different interests and he’s eager to come together with his future family and get to know and understand what everyone is passionate about. He wants an empathic family who is able to take time and chat through any difficulties that arise. Anthony has also expressed that he wants a home that is LGBTQ+ affirming and has a preference for a single dad or two dads who can understand and support him.

Anthony showing off his freshly baked cookies. Anthony’s quote says, when I was a little kid, my great-grandmother used to bake a lot. She used to make a coconut cake from scratch. I want to bake just like my great-grandmother someday.

Anthony’s team wants families to know he’s a passionate, wonderful, artistic young man who needs a long-term placement. Though Anthony is open to many forms of permanency, his team is most eager to find a home and family that will support him as he transitions into adulthood.
If you can see Anthony in your home, please reach out! We are eager and passionate to find him a place to call home.

Beyond the Profile: Anthony is an exceptional human being, with a deep desire to chart a course that will make the world better than he found it. After getting to know him, I have no doubt that he will do this! He deeply wants a family to help him have a sturdy launch into his adult years. And, to have someone firmly in his corner to support him for all that he is, believes and loves. One thing that stood out about Anthony was his storytelling. He has a way with verbal storytelling that started to take some real flight while working toward this project. Did you notice it too? I could almost taste the coconut cake that his great-grandmother made. I could see the inside of the café he described. I could hear the crash of the ocean waves out of which a part of his being was born. I hope that the people checking out his In-Depth Profile will plainly see just how incredible Anthony is, and reach out to learn more about how they might be the family that can help him step, with support, toward his dreams.

- Brandon Adams, Youth Engagement Specialist