Meet Chyann

Chyann is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Never far from: Her art supplies
Favorite fictional universe: Harry Potter
Looks forward to: Graduating high school
Wants: To find the family she belongs with

You can usually find Chyann reading an adventure book, working on her latest art project, or snuggling up with an animal pal. All of these help clear Chyann's head after spending the day at school, and bring her a lot of joy and comfort. As a teenager, she spends a lot of time thinking about what the next few years have in store for her. She's got a few important things in mind that she wants to share directly with potential families out there.

Chyann says finding a family is a "ten, because I know I belong somewhere."

Northwest Adoption Exchange · Chyann rates 1 to 10 - Family

One of Chyann's top priorities for herself is to find a permanent family. In her own words, Chyann is looking for nice, loving parents and is very open to being a part of a family that's LGBTQ+. Chyann greatly values kindness and being open minded! She's been known to show her love and gratitude by doing favors for others and being super helpful. For the really special people in her life, she'll feature them in her latest drawing or painting. In turn, she appreciates being reminded about how awesome she is! Positive feedback is great for Chyann.

Chyann is one of the biggest animal lovers around and does a great job when it comes to caring for them. She's made it clear that she would like her future home to include pets! She's got a lot of experience, having previously lived with cats, dogs, chickens, and goats. Chyann also wants families to know that she appreciates being able to have her own room and space.

Chyann says getting a driver's license is a 5 "because if I do get it, I won't have to bus to school"

Northwest Adoption Exchange · Chyann rates 1 to 10 - Driver's License

Nearing the end of her sophomore year of high school, Chyann doesn't love school but she certainly does her best! In fact, she's super proud of having recently made the honor roll for the first time. Chyann enjoys school the most when she can immerse herself in one of her favorite classes, like ornamental design or plant science. She currently takes the bus to school, but looks forward to the independence that would come with getting her license. She's not ready to sign up for drivers ed quite yet, but definitely has an interest in learning to drive at some point!

Chyann says graduating is a 10 "because I don't want to be in high school the rest of my life!"

Northwest Adoption Exchange · Chyann rates 1 to 10 - High School

One thing there's no doubt about is that Chyann is really looking forward to graduating high school. Right now, she's considering going into baking or babysitting as her future job. Chyann is very much still exploring her options though, so having a supportive adoptive family to cheer her on could be really helpful in these future decisions!

Chyann says getting a job is a 10, "either baking or babysitting"

Northwest Adoption Exchange · Chyann rates 1 to 10 - Getting a job

Chyann also wanted to take the time to dive into a few of her favorite things so that families can get to know what's most important to her. The top three things that came to mind were her art, her passion for reading, and her love for animals. If you haven't checked it out already, head back to the top of the page to see some of Chyann's most recent artwork. Following some of the themes of her art, Chyann loves to read anything with an element of fantasy and whimsy. A proud Slytherin, she loves Harry Potter the most, but is also super into Percy Jackson, Twilight, and all things Disney.

Tune into Chyann's bonus chat to hear about her love for reading and animals.

Chyann's social worker is looking forward to hearing from families who are experienced, loving, and excited to parent an awesome kid like Chyann. It's worth one more mention that having pets in the home is very much encouraged! Chyann knows she belongs somewhere, and we do too. We're excited to find her the loving, supportive home she deserves.

Beyond the Profile: As we reviewed all the components that would make up Chyann’s finished In-Depth Profile, I asked her if she felt like anything was missing. She reflected on this, and started to share about her close relationship with her CASA, who she’s known for years. Chyann thought it would be fitting to have a feature from someone who knows her so well as a part of her finished profile. Here are all of the awesome things Chyann’s CASA had to say!

- Naomi Kolb-Untinen, Youth Engagement Specialist

“Chyann is an insightful and brave individual. She is easygoing but will also speak up for herself. She has a fun, subtle sense of humor and likes to tease. She enjoys beating me at card games (UNO especially!).

Chyann likes to try new things such as swimming, bike riding, and horseback riding. I have seen her exhibit her bravery on a horseback ride on the beach when a runaway, rider-less horse galloped right up to her horse - she remained calm and kept her horse calm too.

Besides reading and creating with art, Chyann also writes stories. In addition, her love and care for animals has been evident with cats, dogs, horses, goats, and chickens, I can see her kindness shine as she interacts with these animals.

I always enjoy spending time talking and joking with Chyann.”

- Chyann’s CASA, Sheri (December 2017-present)

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