Meet Zacheriah

A potential family is being explored for this child. It is the practice of The State of Alaska to continue recruitment until an adoption has finalized. If you think your family might be a good fit for this child, we encourage you to inquire with the awareness that the social worker may prioritize families who have already been identified.

“I want a home, I want a family.” - Zach

Zach is a kind-hearted young man who is proud of how far he has come in life.

An Alaskan at heart, Zach enjoys spending time in the great Alaskan outdoors! Whether he is fast and furious four-wheeling; casting his reel while fishing in the summer; or racing down a mountain while snowboarding in the winter, Zach loves to be outside. He would love to be a part of a family who has lots of space inside and out, and an equal passion for being active.

When Zach isn’t enjoying the great outdoors, he loves to play basketball and football, and of course the occasional video game. In the future he hopes to combine his love for video games and computer science and become a video game designer.

Zach is not afraid to tell people that are important to him that he loves them and he wants a family who is able to say “I love you” in return.

A family who is patient, kind, and loves animals and adventures would be a great fit for Zach. While he loves Alaska, he also has roots in Arizona, and dreams of one day visiting the rolling hills of Ireland!

This future traveler and extreme sports fan deserves to find his adoptive family. If you are interested in learning more about Zach, let us know!

Could you see Zacheriah as part of your family?