Meet Brianna

Brianna is a kind, generous, and friendly kid who likes to spend her free time honing in on her creativity. Though she has many hobbies, her favorite is reading. She simply devours book after book as she teachers herself even more about the world around her through the various pages. Bri is a great conversationalist who may just share what she’s reading if she feels connected to you. Bri likes all genres, and is drawn toward a really good book series. Another fun hobby Bri has recently sought out is cosmetics! Playing around with makeup is a really fun activity for her.

When she’s not tapping into her creative side, you will most likely find Bri in the great outdoors. She really likes being outside and going on nature walks. When she is out exploring she has fun looking for bugs and other such creatures! Brianna really likes animals, particularly dogs and other family pets, and would really like to be in an adoptive family who is excited to get a new pet and who can help guide her through being responsible for one. Bri is drawn to any creature, big or small.

In Brianna's world, there’s also always a little time carved out for playing video games and collecting Pokémon cards.

Brianna is a very smart kid. As she continues to strive toward her educational goals, an adoptive family who will be her advocates and see that Bri continues to have any resources and supports in place for continued success will be great.

With her funny sense of humor and interest in a fun adventure, Brianna will really bring a lot of joy to the right adoptive family. Going out to eat, especially if she gets to choose the restaurant, is something Bri really values. She also loves going to community events, mostly so she can play games and other activities. Brianna is often reserved and keeps to herself, but she is really great one-on-one, especially once a relationship has been formed.

Bri has relationships with her biological siblings and needs an adoptive family who will support and encourage those bonds throughout her life. Bri is also very close to her foster mother and will likely continue to want that relationship in her life as well.

A patient adoptive family who can support, guide, and love Bri would be a great fit. As she enters her teen years, Bri would do especially well with a family who is experienced, firm, and direct. Bri appreciates caregivers who are honest and understanding. She’s a great kid who does well with realistic expectations and the chance to have time to herself. If you are a knowledgeable couple (especially a two mom couple!) or single mom in the Pacific Northwest, please reach out to us! Bri would also do well in a family with older sisters to support and guide her.

Bri has a very creative and bright spirit. We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves!

Portraits by Yuen Lui.

Could you see Brianna as part of your family?