Meet Nevaeh

A confident, independent kid, Nevaeh has the kind of personality that lights up a room. She’s very funny and loves to make people laugh with her goofiness and thrives on being the star of the show. Nevaeh is kind and energetic, and always making friends. Her caseworker says she appreciates how Nevaeh can always put a smile on someone’s face. She adds that Nevaeh is “quick to make a joke or ask you about your day.”

For as social as she is, Nevaeh knows how to balance that with some quality alone time. Nevaeh is a great advocate for herself and is super self-aware. She’s an artist so she really enjoys having space to be creative.

Currently in the 6th grade, Nevaeh’s favorite part of school is the social aspect, of course. She’s a good student who works hard in the classroom and prefers hands-on learning whenever possible.

Her caregivers rave about Nevaeh’s “spunky personality” and laugh that lights up a room. They say she’s very fun to be around and though she’s nervous, Nevaeh is ready for a permanent family and home. Nevaeh is really excited at the thought of being a part of a big family. She definitely wants both siblings and pets in her life. Nevaeh recently participated in an equine program and really connected with the horses and other animals. This was a well-loved experience for Nevaeh and solidified her love of all creatures, big and small.

Nevaeh’s team is excited to hear from families who can keep Nevaeh bonded with her biological sisters and provide her with a loving, caring environment to grow up in. Her team thinks she’ll do best with a two-parent family that has other kids (and pets!), though all families are encouraged to reach out if they think they’re a good fit.

Nevaeh is such a great kid. Please reach out if you can see her in your family!