Meet Aidon

"Aidon's an explorer." - foster parent

Creativity and curiosity are two of Aidon’s strengths; he likes to be outdoors, discovering things on his own. Fishing is a favorite activity, and he appreciates getting to build the campfire on camping trips. When he can’t be outside, Aidon continues to build with Legos and create things in Minecraft. He’s pretty competitive about video games, and is also happy to participate in basketball and other organized sports.

Aidon enjoys both the structured social interaction at school and the learning itself—he often shares with his foster mom interesting facts from his classes. Since it tends to be hands-on and relates closely to his other interests, it’s no surprise that science is his preferred subject.

Aidon identifies closely with his Alaska Native heritage. He keeps an eye out for local events in which he can participate, travels annually to a traditional music festival in rural Alaska, and has taken classes to increase his understanding of his Native language.

The family for Aidon will make keeping him connected with his Native culture a priority. He will thrive with encouraging, attentive parents who can balance structure with flexibility. If you can envision Aidon in your family, please contact us soon! We’re excited to find Aidon the family he deserves.

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