Meet Anthony

Confident and outgoing, Anthony is a curious, intuitive, and creative person. He is known to be a kind and funny kid. Anthony is involved in sport clubs such as wrestling and flag football. He also loves being active out in nature and spending time with animals. He’s excited to share all of this with a family, his wrestling in particular. A caring young man, Anthony has a uniquely strong connection with four-legged friends. Anthony has experience cohabitating with all kinds of animals and his innate ability to care for them is truly quite advanced!

A strong communicator, Anthony is great at advocating for his needs and does best meeting one on one with adults in a casual way. Activities such as going for a drive and allowing him to pick out songs, skating at the park, shooting hoops, or passing a ball back and forth is a great way to give him time to warm up, engage, and open up.

Anthony has taken a recent interest in health and how it impacts him in his athletics. Eager to learn, he wants to make smart, healthy choices that help improve his athletic performance. Prior to COVID 19, Anthony enjoyed going to school, but online distance learning has not been much a match for him. Anthony thrives academically when he has a sense of expertise on a certain topic or can step into leadership roles. He used to assist with the Kindergarten class at school and both Anthony and the children enjoyed him being in that role.

Anthony is ready to grow up in a permanent home that will be nurturing and outgoing. The right match for Anthony will make sure he feels heard and radically accepted for who his is. It’s important for Anthony to take his time building trust, rapport, and connection with new people in his life. Anthony needs caregivers that are patient, supportive, and can help guide him through his day. He thrives in settings that are consistent and structured, but that can also be flexible and adaptive. The best match for Anthony will meet him where he’s at and stick with him while he continues to evolve and grow.

Anthony has some very close relationships with biological relatives and needs an adoptive family that is open to supporting these relationships. Anthony has a number of other strong supporters who want to remain a part of his life including a previous caregiver, his current caregivers, and a mentor who has great intuition with regards to Anthony. These relationships, in particular with his mentor, are extremely important connections for Anthony to maintain.

Anthony has been vocal about needing a strong maternal presence in his life. He is open to a single parent, but wants his adoptive family to include at least one maternal figure. Anthony has not always been able to have role models and community that reflect his own identity and experiences; he is ready for this to change. Anthony has a strong desire to remain actively connected to his race, culture, and ethnicity and his adoptive family must be ready to help support these explorations and celebrate Anthony for the amazing kid that he is.

Anthony is open to living in both rural and urban environments. However, he would prefer living in an urban environment, close enough to access his mentor and the wrestling club he is proud to be a member of. Along with his strong desire to have a maternal caregiver, Anthony likes to be social and spend a lot of time with his peers. Anthony is open to other youth being in the home and generally enjoys being around other kids. Anthony would prefer to be the youngest child in his adoptive family so he can get showered with the attention and spotlight he absolutely deserves. Please reach out if you can see this kind, outgoing, and athletic kid as a part of your family!

Could you see Anthony as part of your family?