Meet Atreyan and Sage

An active kid through and through, Atreyan especially loves sports. He currently plays on a baseball team and loves it! In the past, he’s also played soccer, which is his favorite if he had to choose. Even when he’s not playing a team sport, Atreyan loves running and being outdoors in general.

While Atreyan is outside kicking a soccer ball, Sage is likely doing something creative and artsy. She’s a kid who loves glitter and the fashionable things in life. Playing with dolls, coloring, and arts and crafts are Sage’s hobbies of choice.

Loving and polite, Atreyan is a great big brother to Sage and an awesome kid to be around. He’s outgoing, contemplative, and loves to tell a good joke. It’s no wonder everyone enjoys spending time with Atreyan. He’s friendly, funny, and easy to have a conversation with.

Sage is very imaginative and always knows what she wants. She’s a good communicator and enjoys exploring her creativity.

Currently in 2nd grade, Atreyan’s favorite subject is math. He’s a great student and is proud of his grades and in the future, he wants to be a professional soccer player. Of course! Sage is in kindergarten, which she loves and does very well in. She especially enjoys recess.

Both Atreyan and Sage have relationships with their biological family members. An adoptive family will need to encourage and support these bonds throughout their lives.

Their team thinks these siblings would do best in a home where they are either the only children, or the youngest children in the home. Any configuration of parents will be great as long as Atreyan and Sage are loved and welcomed warmly!

Could you see Atreyan and Sage as part of your family?

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