Meet Jazira

Getting creative in the kitchen is high on Jazira’s list of favorite hobbies. She enjoys both baking and cooking and loves to assist in making new meals or a fun treat. Speaking of creativity, one of the ways Jazira enjoys expressing herself is by dying her hair from time to time to try out new and vibrant styles.

Loyal and fashionable with a witty sense of humor, Jazira has a good social life and is always happy to just hang out with her friends, especially down at the river in the warmer months. When she’s one-on-one, Jazira can be a really good conversationalist.

When asked what they appreciate about Jazira, her social worker says she’s a good friend and she knows just what she wants. One of the things Jazira wants is to have a continued connection with the Quinault Indian Nation Tribe. It’s an important part of her identity and she has enjoyed getting to learn more about the art and traditional clothing and styles of her culture.

When asked what Jazira wants in a future home, she’s stated that she’d prefer to be the only child and would like to have cats! It’s also important to Jazira to feel like she has a way to stay connected to her family and social circle. She’s expressed that she is okay with most family configurations and would like to be adopted. Jazira does have a relationship with her sisters and would like a family to support those bonds throughout her life.

If you can see Jazira in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the permanent home she deserves.