Meet Solomon

Largely through 4-H, Solomon has found a recent and serious passion in caring for animals, especially in a farm-like setting. He was proud to recently show his pig at a 4-H showcase. An especially hard worker when it comes to something he’s interested in, Solomon really loves and appreciates being involved in 4-H.

Solomon is most successful with one-on-one activities, which is one of the reasons caring for farm animals is such a great hobby for him. He also enjoys coloring, doing puzzles, and playing with his collection of Matchbox cars. The toy cars don’t hold a candle to Solomon’s Paw Patrol action figures and stuffed animals though. Safe to say, he’s a fan.

Heading into the 4th grade next year, Solomon does very well academically. He engages with each subject and is very interested in learning. It’s been exciting to see Solomon’s growth and progress in the classroom in the past year or two.

A loving kid, Solomon is very closely bonded with a few key members of his biological family, including his brother. Any future home Solomon is in will need to support these relationships throughout Solomon’s life.

When asked about Solmon, a member of his team describes him as, “an absolutely remarkable boy!” His sense of humor and sweet personality are really special. It’s clear to Solomon’s team that he wants to belong. His team recommends that Solomon’s future home is a place he can be the only child in the home.

In the past, Solomon has responded really well to active caregivers. A former foster parent would come home from work and do “ride-em’s” on the lawnmower with Solomon, who loved the excitement and the one-on-one attention. His team notes that a family who loves the outdoors and are active in hiking, camping, and fishing (a particular favorite!). Solomon’s team is eager to hear from experienced families with a lot of patience and love to meet Solomon where he’s at.

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