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Want to see a bright smile on LJ’s face? Grab absolutely any toy that has a fun sound. Toy cars and trucks are some of LJ’s favorite things, but basically all toys have a fair chance to be loved by LJ. LJ is a really happy and loving kid. He really appreciates the chance to spend time with the special adults and friends in his life, regardless of the activity.

Besides toys, LJ’s greatest passion may just be music. The sound of music is really appealing to LJ, who has a ton of fun recording and creating music through an app on his iPad. It’s a fun group activity for LJ, as well. He and his foster brothers have created some great tunes through the program. When not composing tunes, LJ will always make time for a trip to the park or local playground. Playing basketball and shooting hoops is a perfect way to spend time, if you ask LJ!

Being outdoors is really invigorating for this energetic kid. LJ has had a lot of memorable experiences when it comes to outdoor fun. Lately, he’s been able to try new adventures like kayaking, hiking, and feeling the wind in his face as a passenger on a moped! He tried out zip lining a few months ago and really loved that as well. LJ is super drawn to being on the water and enjoys swimming and kayaking especially. His current foster parents love to spend time being active outdoors, and LJ fits right in! Even if he’s just going for a walk, LJ loves the chance to get outside.

Joseph, LJ's former social worker, sits down to share what he loves about LJ and why he deserves an adoptive family!

LJ has participated in soccer in the past and is excited to start it up again soon. He was recently taking a course on horseback riding and really enjoyed that experience as well. He’s an adventurous kid who loves participating in anything outdoors or sporty.

Described as a very affectionate kid by teachers and caregivers alike, LJ likes lots of encouragement, praise, and other positive attention. LJ enjoys spending quality time with the adults in his life. He values his time spent with caregivers and the other special relationships in his life, especially when they get to do something fun in the community like check out the children’s museum or park. He likes to show off his penmanship skills and really appreciates when he gets a little assistance with his car sketches. Yes, LJ is a bit of an artist as well!

LJ is doing well in his partially remote learning this year. Generally, he has made a lot of academic progress over the years. He is proud of his reading skills and the progress he has made with learning numbers. Using an app on his iPad at school works well for LJ and helps to ensure that his teachers and classmates can communicate with him. LJ’s communication is great with people who know him well. His iPad is helpful, but not always necessary when he is around people he spends a lot of time with. Recently, LJ has made a lot of improvements on his vocabulary and his sign language and continues to work on having conversations. Having an adoptive family who will spend time learning how LJ communicates with the world will be very important to him. LJ is a bright kid who just wants to learn about everything.

LJ would really like to be adopted. If you are a single parent or a couple who loves to draw, sing, listen to music, and spend time together, reach out to us. Even a family trip to the grocery store or the zoo means the world to LJ. Adoptive families who have previous experience working with or parenting children will be a great fit. An adoptive family that includes, or could include, a big dog would also be wonderful for LJ’s big heart. He is a sweet kid who will be a joyful addition to a warm, supportive family who wants to love and nurture him. We’re excited to find LJ the adoptive family he deserves!

Portraits by Kai-Huei Yau, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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