Meet Leroy

We're excited to highlight Leroy through our In-Depth Profiles, an NWAE project that engages youth, and the adults who advocate for them, to share directly with potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Loves: Drawing cars and buses
Always up for: An outdoor activity
Known for: His collection of Hot Wheels
Looking for: An adoptive family

When it comes to Leroy, one thing is certainly true – he genuinely enjoys life. So many things make him happy and in turn, he makes so many people happy too. A typical day in the life of Leroy includes going to school, maybe hanging out with his support team, and then drawing, doing some laundry, or going for a drive with his foster family. On the weekends and in the summer, Leroy loves hiking, playing soccer, or rafting. He’s had the chance to create such awesome memories when it comes to outdoor fun, like kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, and feeling the wind in his face while riding on a moped! He’s even tried out zip lining and really loved that too. Leroy is super drawn to being on the water and especially enjoys swimming and kayaking. His current foster parents love to spend time being active outdoors, and Leroy fits right in. Even if he’s just going for a walk, he loves to be outside.

Hear about Leroy from the point of view of his long-term foster brother, Austin, who was eager to share stories and sing Leroy's praises while home on a break from college.

Besides toys, Leroy’s greatest passion may just be music. The sound of music is really appealing to Leroy, who has a ton of fun recording and creating music through an app on his iPad. It’s a fun group activity for Leroy, as well. He and his foster brothers have created some great tunes through the program. When not composing tunes, Leroy will always make time for a trip to the park or local playground. Playing basketball and shooting hoops is a perfect way to spend time, if you ask Leroy!

Leroy on a snowmobile and in a kayak. Text says Leroy is up for adventure.

When talking about
Leroy, we’ve gotta mention Hot Wheels. He loves his little toy cars dearly and it’s likely he’ll want to tell you all about them.

In school, Leroy does his best with lots of positive support and encouragement. As a kid who enjoys quality time with the adults in his life, Leroy has always been well-loved by his teachers and school staff. Leroy is proud of his penmanship and is a bit of an artist as well. He’s continually working on his communication skills and is able to be more successful with the use of sign language and additional tools on his iPad. Having an adoptive family who will spend time learning how Leroy communicates with the world will be very important to him. He’s a bright kid who just wants to learn about everything.

Leroy is a really happy and loving kid. His social worker says:

“I don’t know many other kids who have the sense of joie de vivre Leroy has.”

Leroy's social worker also adores Leroy, and was excited to add more insights about him, and a few specific hopes for his future.

Leroy would really like to be adopted. If you are a single parent or a couple who loves to draw, sing, listen to music, and spend time together, reach out to us. His team is eager to hear from adoptive families who have previous experience working with or parenting children. An adoptive family that includes, or could include, a big dog would also be wonderful for Leroy’s big heart.

He's a sweet kid who will be a joyful addition to a warm, supportive family. We’re excited to find Leroy the adoptive family he deserves.

Portrait by Stefanie Felix, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

Beyond the Profile: There's no shortage of people who can speak to what an amazing young person Leroy is, and I now count myself among them! When it came time to join Leroy and help capture scenes that represent what he's loving most these days, he was so excited and open to connecting and showing me his world. His tour was thorough, but my favorite part about the time with him was seeing his genuine love for people around him. You can tell this very clearly, through what his foster brother, Austin, as well as his social worker share. He has a magic way of introducing delight into those who know him best. As we wrapped up his project and he got to review everything before it got shared online, he gave me a lasting bit of delight with his smiles, applause, and exclamations of "yay" as we watched through his In-Depth Profile videos together. He's a treasure of a kid, and I hope families will come forward and learn more about how they can be a part of his story.

-Brandon, Youth Engagement Specialist