Meet Hailey, Fiona, and Emerson

This spunky, silly, loving sibling group is excited to find their adoptive home! Hailey, Fiona and Emerson are very bonded to one another, and are overall fun-loving, energetic, playful children needing to be showered with an adoptive family’s full attention and focus.

Hailey is the oldest of her siblings, and can be very protective of her sister and brother. She is artistic, very kind, and helpful. Hailey enjoys having one-on-one attention and a listening ear. Hailey is able to verbalize and express her emotions and does best with the kind, strong, consistent support of a caregiver.

Active Fiona is energetic and craves social interactions with her peers. Fiona enjoys spending time crafting, jumping on the trampoline, and playing at the local park. Equally as energetic Emerson enjoys just about any activity that he can engage in. Emerson loves playing outside as much as possible, helping around the house with chores, and playing on his local community soccer team.

All three children enjoy being silly and doing things just to get a laugh out of others or one another. They love getting out, exploring new places, camping, or going to the beach. They also enjoy just staying at home playing with one another, and spending time together as a family.

Hailey is in 4th grade has shown strong improvements in school since being able to attend in-person again. School staff have remained committed to supporting Hailey both within the school and virtual learning platform. Her future adoptive parents will be crucial to reinforcing and advocating for her education!

Fiona is in 3rd grade and has also shown improvements since attending and engaging in school on a more consistent basis. She, too, will need her adoptive family’s advocacy and enrichment.

Emerson is doing his best to navigate kindergarten; he will need an adoptive parent who can advocate strongly for what he needs. With help in assorted ways, Emerson has made positive progress in being able to communicate. As he receives the support he needs, he's finding more words to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He does very well when one-on-one with adults in a calm, structured environment and also plays well with his peers. He enjoys engaging in imaginative play and hands-on projects.

These children have important relationships to maintain. They are connected to some members of their biological family, as well as their current foster mother. This connection will be particularly important as the children have a really strong bond with her extended family members, who are a great support.

Hailey, Fiona and Emerson would do best in a family where they are the only children or with significantly older children who can be role models. Emerson thoroughly enjoys being the youngest! The children thrive with a structured, consistent home environment that is able to provide a lot of attention and love. An experienced family who can be strong advocates for their kids will be a great fit. The children will benefit from a family that is very active, will engage them in social activities, but also give them lots of one-on-one time and attention.

If you are ready for lots of adventures and love, please make an inquiry on Hailey, Fiona, and Emerson.

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