Meet Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s hobbies range from playing video games to just about everything involving music. He likes to listen to music, and dance to it of course, but he also sings and raps – and he’s good!

Currently in his freshman year of high school, Jeremiah does his best work in math! He does well, both in and outside of school, with lots of positive support and guidance. It would be great for Jeremiah to have an adoptive family who's ready and excited to support Jeremiah as he navigates his high school years. Jeremiah is also interested in playing basketball or football one day!

Thoughtful, caring, and respectful, Jeremiah’s bright smile and personality are so warm and welcoming. Even when he has little to offer, Jeremiah likes to give and is always considerate of others. He’s the kind of kid to hold the door open for everyone or give up his seat if someone else needs it more.

Jeremiah has close relationships with his younger siblings that he would like to maintain and grow throughout his life. Potential adoptive families who will support and encourage these bonds will be essential.

Jeremiah’s social worker is excited to hear from patient, calm families that will provide Jeremiah with the space and support he deserves to reflect on his past while he looks forward to his future. His team thinks he’ll do best in a family who can give him tons of time and attention. Siblings in the home are great as long as Jeremiah gets the quality time he deserves.

If you can see your family sharing a Philly cheesesteak with Jeremiah, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him a permanent place to call home.

Could you see Jeremiah as part of your family?