Meet Jay

A good story to highlight who Jay is involves a bunch of frogs. A true testament to his sense of humor and curiosity, Jay befriended a small collection of frogs in an attempt to create his own swamp-like home for them. Though the experiment did not quite come to fruition, Jay’s heart was in the right place. Collect frogs, learn more about them, set them free. (No frogs were harmed in the making of this profile.)

A kid with a true sense of humor, Jay is really fun to spend time with. He likes sports (and would be a great football player with the right motivation), riding his bike, and playing video games, and he has a lot of other interests too. He really likes animals, especially snakes and lizards. He would be thrilled to have a dog and “lots of land to explore!” Being outside is important to him, and Jay has had lots of positive experiences attending camps in the past. Jay is also very creative and spends a lot of time drawing and sketching – a hobby he really has a talent for.

“Jay is the funniest 15-year-old I know.” – Jay’s social worker

As he heads into his sophomore year of high school, Jay is most drawn to science, where he is a big fan of classes like robotics! Jay really fits in at his current school district and has formed a really strong relationship with one of his teachers who keeps him positive and motivated in the classroom. Jay would benefit from an adoptive family who will encourage him academically, and see that he has the resources he needs or extra supports in place to continue to help him succeed. He does well when he is engaged in extracurricular activities, especially sports.

Jay has a great relationship with one of his a former foster family who likes to spend time with him when they can. He’s also close with a biological cousin who he views as a sister. An adoptive family who can help Jay maintain the relationships that are important to him will be essential.

A family that is active and enjoys the outdoors, animals, sports, and doing things together would be a good fit for Jay. He’s big on community and his ideal family would include older brothers to mentor and support him. He would like to remain in the state of Washington, and would especially like his adoptive family to live in the northwestern area of the state.

Jay’s worker would like to hear from families who truly enjoy teenagers! He is a funny, charming, sweet kid who will do well with patient, calm, nurturing parent(s) who will cheer him on and be there for him always.

If you can see Jay in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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