Meet Joshua

Joshua really enjoys being outside, especially if he’s playing sports. His favorite sports to play are football, hockey, and soccer, though he’s also a cross-country guy! When inside, he enjoys playing video games.

Currently in the 8th grade, Joshua enjoys school even during the whirlwind of learning during the pandemic. He takes pride in getting good grades and is very eager to start participating in team sports again once it’s safe and they’re available.

An optimistic kid, Joshua is often smiling and laughing, especially when he gets to be around others. He’s always being complimented on his good manners and is great at being social, especially with some gentle boundaries. Funny and polite, Joshua’s team say they appreciate how he’s able to communicate effectively, especially when having a good day.

Joshua has expressed many times that he wants to be adopted and looks forward to having a family. It’s important to Joshua that he is able to remain in close touch with his biological sister, who is a very important person in his life. Even if they are adopted by separate families, their bond is an essential one and should be supported throughout their lives. Joshua has also stated that he would like to be in a family with a mom and a dad; his team adds that he does best with father figures.

Joshua’s team thinks he’ll do well in a two-parent home or with a single father. They add that he does well with younger kids in the home. As aforementioned, Joshua’s relationship with his sister is very important and adoptive families should be eager to keep them connected.

If you can see Joshua in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he so wants and so deserves.

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