Meet Ruben

A true character and performer, funny and comical Ruben can not only make you laugh, but can also admirably grin big and laugh at himself. A fellow with flair, Ruben usually shows off his confidence through his style. Ruben has great rhythm and has no problem dancing to the beat. He can pick up any TikTok dance quickly and is happy to grab center stage in the living room, car, or wherever for a dance demo! Ruben loves animals, Pokémon, movies, video games (Nintendo Switch) and art.

Ruben loves the attention that being in the spotlight brings, so he thrives in the company of focused and engaging adults who can appreciate all that he has to offer, and who will maybe even join in the fun. At the same time, he can be a little shy when first getting to know someone new. He takes pride in putting himself out there to embrace challenges and always try his best. Ruben is almost always down to go on any adventure - he loves to be out and about. He really appreciates good taste, high quality, and the company of good people who enjoy being in his presence!

Having just completed 5th grade, Ruben is looking forward to middle school. After benefiting from some extra support, Ruben feels like he is doing a lot better in school which is a real confidence booster. In his most recent progress report from school, he was mainly getting "A's and B's" and there were a number of positive comments from his teachers!

There are a few things Ruben has expressed that he'd like in a family:

• A family that is stable - he doesn’t want to move around a lot.

• He’d like to have a dog, but doesn’t care about the size of the dog. He's not so much a fan of cats at this point!

Would he want to live in the city or country? He says neither. He says the city has “too much traffic” and he doesn’t want the country. He likes living in a small town - similar to where he lives now.

• He’d like a family "who cares about me.”

• He’d like to have his own room.

• He would be fine with brothers or sisters! Preferably a younger brother and older sister, according to Ruben.

• When asked about parents, he desires “a mother and a father - both.”

• He’d like an active family, but also one who are homebodies.

An adoptive family who can advocate for Ruben will be vital. It's important that his adoptive family be stable, understanding, flexible, and fun. Parents who are gentle, kind, patient, and supportive are important to Ruben. Ruben also has a few biological relatives, including a previous placement, who he'd like to stay in contact with. In general, Ruben typically does best with much younger or much older kids. A busy and outgoing family could work well for Ruben as he likes to stay active, try new things, and is interested in trying out a multitude of sporting activities.

Let's find this great kid the adoptive family he deserves!

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