Meet Sequoia

When asked what they most appreciate about Sequoia, her team had so much to say because there is just so much to love about her. Among her many great qualities is the blunt and direct affinity she shows to her favorite colors; red being the most beloved among them. Sequoia also has unique taste in music that everyone who knows her is quite familiar with! She can often be found enjoying her favorite tunes on her iPod.

And what’s more magical than a laugh that fills a room? Sequoia has the most contagious laugh and smile and is very prone to giggling during tummy time, her favorite activity. It’s an opportunity for her to explore new moves and learn about new ranges of motion and she enjoys this time very much.

In school, Sequoia receives some really beneficial services that help her learn at the level and pace that works best for her. She absolutely loves going to school and is buoyed by social interactions with her classmates and teachers. Recently, Sequoia came home very excited and chatty after school, full of giggles. She shared that she’d received Valentine’s cards from all of her classmates, many which included some very special compliments that made her day. As her team says, “Sequoia's innate ability to light up the room certainly showed in true form this day!

In general, Sequoia likes people! Quality time with her family, friends, teachers, and peers makes her very happy.

Sequoia has a close, positive relationship with her biological family that her team would like to continue to support throughout her life. Potential adoptive families who are committed to that bond will be essential.

Sequoia’s team thinks the ideal home environment is chill, calm, and quiet. They’d like to hear from families with no other children or children that are older and can be sources of support, guidance, and love for Sequoia. It’s important for potential adoptive families to be prepared to support Sequoia through her growth into adulthood and take into consideration her journey and what she needs along the way. The most important feature her team is looking for is a family who will love and support her through all that life has to offer.

Sequoia is a loving, caring kid who deserves to find the right home! If you can see her in yours, reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the adoptive home she deserves.