Meet Daniel

Give Daniel a hands-on activity and he’ll be delighted. Electronics and science toys are among his favorite things to play with, but most importantly, Daniel loves to get out of the house and go do basically any activity. One of his favorite things to do is spend time at the skate park with either a skateboard (of course) or a scooter. He has been working hard to perfect a transfer on his scooter and has successfully landed it a few times!

Daniel is helpful in the community, willingly assisting others when asked and he’s quick to offer an encouraging word to new skaters. He also loves to play video games either on his 3DS or on an Xbox. He’s very proud of the worlds and fascinating contraptions he’s built in Minecraft on his 3DS. In the last year he’s also shown considerable interest and talent with collectable card games such as Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, but has since directed this creative and competitive energy more towards video games. While competitive while playing, Daniel is more interested in playing the game with someone than winning. When he wins a game too quickly, for example, he will help the other player make a better move to help the game keep going longer.

Daniel says, "I want to be in a home where I can pet animals all day."

Daniel really wants to be adopted, and when asked about something he's looking for in an adoptive family, he was quick to note his love for animals!

Daniel has a very active sense of curiosity, a great sense of humor and a dry wit. Daniel is a really bright kid. He loves to read and is really good at it! Daniel is an individual that delights in quality time with adults. He is very energetic and does well managing his energy after he is provided opportunities to ride a longboard, dance it out, go swimming, and play basketball. Daniel loves to explore his environment and often asks questions about things happening around him, so he can understand how everything works. He is very playful and loves to joke around with adults and peers; his face lights up in joy during these times.

There's many people who can speak about Daniel's awesome qualities. Charlie, Daniel's adoption recruiter, is most certainly one of those people! Take a moment to go beyond Daniel's written profile to hear some personalized stories about who Daniel is from Charlie's point of view.

Currently in his junior year, Daniel does well in a small classroom environment where he gets the support he needs to help him be successful. Daniel is smart and enjoys school, especially the classes he really gets to be creative in. In the past, he has had a lot of fun participating in a woodworking class! A concrete learner and thinker who tends to see things in black and white, Daniel’s school will continue to provide academic and behavioral supports and social skills building that will help him to be his best. Having an adoptive family who will encourage him and be his biggest educational advocates would be great for Daniel.

Home and school environments that provide highly consistent daily routines and clarity are a good fit for Daniel.

The right adoptive family for Daniel would be an experienced one with the dedication to love and care for Daniel throughout his life. An adoptive family who is warm, easygoing, and nurturing will be ideal. Daniel will do well as the only child in the home, or with much older siblings, though he really loves dogs and would be happy to have one in his new home. Families with experience, flexibility, and commitment would be the best fit for this fun, intelligent kid.

If you’re interested in spending a lifetime of doing puzzles and playing outside, please let us know! Daniel deserves the right adoptive family and we are excited to find them.

Could you see Daniel as part of your family?