Meet Carmen and Yashira

Carmen and Yashira are devoted sisters eager to find the right adoptive family, together.

Yashira hopes to one day become a famous ballerina and have her own horse. Creative and imaginative, she enjoys drawing and making craft projects. She will try just about any food, but Pringles are her favorite. A bright and organized student, Yashira does well academically.

Yashira says she wants a mom and a dad; she loves having a sister, but isn't enthusiastic about the idea of brothers. She would enjoy having pets. When asked, Yashira states that she wants a family "that will love [her] for always."

Carmen is a determined, bright, and energetic young lady. A social butterfly, she has a broad range of friends. Carmen loves her school, does well there, and wants to stay connected with classmates after her move to an adoptive home. She enjoys doing arts and crafts, playing with Barbie dolls, and wearing pretty dresses.

Carmen hopes for a family that has other children, attends a Christian church, and has pets. She would like to have a cat and a dog. Carmen also likes younger kids and would appreciate helping to care for a baby. Mostly, Carmen expresses a desire for parents "who love me" and "are nice," and a home where she knows the rules and can quickly adjust.

The team for Carmen and Yashira will consider parents who are mellow, experienced in parenting children, and able to work with a committed team of professionals to help the girls reach their full potential. These sisters need parents who can help them maintain connections with their brother and other people important to them.

If you can see these great sisters in your family, reach out! We're excited to find them the loving home they deserve.

Could you see Carmen and Yashira as part of your family?

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