Meet Malachi

Malachi wishes his middle name could be Sonic because he is such a fast runner and he loves that he is such a fast runner. Needless to say, we’ve got an active kid here! Some of Malachi’s favorite ways to expend his energy include riding his bike around the neighborhood and jumping on the trampoline. When he’s not doing something outside, Malachi enjoys building structures with LEGOs – though he has mentioned that he would like to learn how to do this outside! He’s also got a good grasp of the technological world and is intelligent with electronics.

A big talker, Malachi enjoys telling people (anyone who will listen!) all about the things that interest him. He has a wonderful, big imagination, is very funny, and can be a bit of a prankster! Generous with his talents, Malachi also enjoys teaching others how to do the things he knows how to do. Among these special skills are LEGO building and yo-yo tricks!

Currently in the 2nd grade, Malachi is very intelligent and does well with the social aspects of school – his friends and teachers adore him. School has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past year and though Malachi prefers being in-person, online school has not stopped him from being very clever. For instance, he’s been known to send his teachers invites to his own Zoom meetings. Outgoing and kind to everyone, it’s clear he’s well loved. When Malachi had an absence recently, his school counselor shared that his peers cheered when he came back to class.

Malachi has very significant bonds in his life that he would like to maintain. His team is interested in hearing from families who will respect Malachi’s relationships and meet him where he’s at as he transitions into a new home. Malachi’s team thinks a family who is excited to affirm and celebrate Malachi while being patient and understanding will be a great fit.

If you would like to know more about Malachi (aka Sonic), please reach out to us!

Could you see Malachi as part of your family?