Meet Kwilliy

What does Kwilliy love? Let’s start with the beach. He can easily get lost in his own imagination exploring the beach and clearly loves being around the water, out in the fresh air. In fact, being on the water is something else Kwilliy enjoys. Got a boat? He’ll want to go on a ride. On land, Kwilliy enjoys riding his bike as often as possible.

Friendly, kind, and really positive, Kwilliy is a joy to spend time with. Kwilliy is working hard on learning how to advocate for himself and how to help others around him. Kwilliy’s team believes an adoptive family who is experienced and excited to help him stay focused and learn more about the world around him will be a great fit.

Currently in the 2nd grade, Kwilliy’s school environment is a great fit for his learning style. He’s especially skilled at math and reading and particularly loves to write, which he works really hard on! He likes school and is good at following directions and completing his work. Kwilliy is currently learning American Sign Language. Both inside and outside of the classroom, Kwilliy likes to draw and make lists.

Kwilliy’s team hopes to find an adoptive family to love, guide, and care for Kwilliy throughout his life. As he continues to learn how to express himself and communicate with others, a future adoptive family who is great at communication and will keep up with the helpful resources Kwilliy utilities will be a great fit for him.

Additionally, there are a few connections in Kwilliy’s life that will need to be maintained. An adoptive family who will support and cherish these bonds alongside Kwilliy is essential.

We’re excited to help Kwilliy find the home and adoptive family he deserves. If you can see Kwilliy in yours, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Kwilliy as part of your family?

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