Meet Arnia and William

Arnia and William are two kids who bring fun and energy to any room. These two kiddos would like to stay together to grow up alongside one another. Their team is excited to hear from families who are interested in welcoming these two into their home together.

Science, sports, running around, caring for dogs – Arnia likes a lot of things about being a person in this world. William is similar and really likes energetic activities. Both kids love being outside doing just about anything. William loves to ride his bike, jump rope, play basketball, or just explore! Arnia historically loves sports and games and self-describes as a “fast runner.”

Funny, energetic, and a serious thinker, Arnia is a great big sister to William, who is always wearing a big smile on his face. William is loving, content, and has a big heart for animals. He becomes very concerned when he thinks an animal is in harm’s way. An adoptive family with pets would be a great fit for these kids!

Currently in the 2nd grade, Arnia is a big helper and all of her teachers and staff appreciate it. William is currently in kindergarten and really enjoys being in school in-person where it’s easier to focus! Recently, William’s foster parents shared a story about his participation in an online classroom guessing game. William led the game and was able to call on students and praise them for their answers. He appeared very at ease and natural in the role, congratulating his classmates on their “good guesses.”

“William is enthusiastic, whether it is in his efforts to help someone, or the praise he gives to others.”

Arnia has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh and is also a great conversationalist, especially if she’s had time to think through her feelings. William shares his sister’s great sense of humor and is always joking around, trying to make people laugh. Both Arnia and William really value time with their foster family and like to be included in activities.

Compassionate and kind, Arnia recently had an outing where she received a certain amount of money to spend on whatever she wanted at a local dollar store. Arnia remembered that her foster mom was graduating soon and made sure to spend some of her money on a gift and wrapping supplies to give to her foster mom to celebrate. Arnia used her creativity to turn the gift bags she purchased into a gift box! She even wrapped and rewrapped it a total of three times to get it just right before giving it to her foster mom.

It's important for potential families to know about William and Arnia’s Native Ancestry, as it's a significant part of their identity. Both kids have ancestry in Upper Skagit Indian Tribe, Lummi Nation, and Nooksack Indian Tribe and are enrolled members of Upper Skagit Indian Tribe. William and Arnia’s team would like to hear from local potential guardianship or adoptive families who are excited to parent these two loving, awesome kids.

If you can see William and Arnia in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

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