Meet Christopher

A good way to get to know Christopher is to set yourself up for a Fast and the Furious marathon because this kid loves those movies, and everything else about cars. He collects toy and model cars and maybe one day, he’ll collect real ones too. When he plays video games, Christopher is most drawn toward the racing ones. Cars are everything!

Christopher is a fun kid who likes a lot of fun things. He loves watching television and playing video games, but getting outside and spending time in the great outdoors is just as great. Christopher enjoys throwing around a football with his friends, jumping on the trampoline, or riding his bike. In the past, he enjoyed swimming lessons and would like to get back into it when the time is right. Having an adoptive family who will introduce and encourage Christopher to new outdoor activities will be great for this potential future adventurer.

Currently in the 6th grade, Christopher would benefit from an adoptive family who is excited to help him stay motivated and focused on school. School has been much different during the pandemic, but Christopher is doing his best and would thrive even further with an adoptive family to support him.

“I appreciate that Christopher is very caring.”

There are a few key relationships in Christopher’s life that he would like to maintain, including his brother Michael. His social worker is also excited to hear from families that may consider adopting both Christopher and Michael, if it’s the right fit for everyone.

Christopher would like to have a family who will help him with homework and allow him to have a pet. He really likes dogs and has lived with several who became his good friends. The ideal family for Christopher is one whom is consistent with boundaries and loves a routine schedule. Christopher is an awesome kid who will thrive with a patient, warm, and loving adoptive family.

If you can envision adventures with Christopher, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Christopher as part of your family?