Meet Sean

An empathetic, caring soul, Sean is the kind of person who always looks out for his pals. That big heart of his has led to being very well-liked! Engaging and friendly, Sean enjoys joking around. He also likes to show off his artistic interests and skills through drawing and coloring, and even through writing. He loves animals (especially dogs!), and one day would like to be a zookeeper. His love of animals first started when he saw the movie The Lion King. Sean continues to enjoy movies, video games, going to the library, and board games.

The presence of a caring adult is great for Sean’s social interaction, self-care activities, and ability to follow directions. Currently wrapping up his sophomore year of high school, Sean loves school! In the past, art has been his absolute favorite class, but he tends to like all subjects. Sean’s teachers have been known to refer to him as a “rock star.”

Sean is open to discussing his thoughts with adults in his life. Doing art and creating with Play-Doh are two of Sean’s favorite things to do. He also enjoys a good conversation and deep connection with the people in his life. Recently, Sean has gotten really into looking up different places in the world that he’s like to visit someday!

Sean has expressed an interest in having two dads and siblings! He wants his family to like dogs, to enjoy taking care of animals, and it would be great if they lived near a zoo. (Not a requirement, of course.) Of course, he also would be excited if his adoptive family enjoyed playing games together.

A family with parent(s) experienced with raising kids and who will be committed to him will be a wonderful fit; Sean will likely need lifelong advocacy and support from his adoptive family. Providing Sean with good structure and routine will help him feel most secure.

If you can see Sean in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Portraits by Katy Cox, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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