Meet Malachi

Malachi is the kind of guy who is always quick to volunteer to help or play or have a good time. He is often found smiling and laughing while he spends time with people in his life. Genuine compliments are always at the ready in Malachi’s mind – he’s always there to offer something uplifting. He’s always ready to make someone’s day. Malachi is a continual learner; a person who asks a lot of questions to better understand the world around him. As he grows up, Malachi is very thoughtful about himself and he’s always learning a bit more about the kind of teenager he wants to be. Malachi is sweet, inquisitive, and very empathetic.

Malachi enjoys being around other people, but he is adept at taking the time to be alone to reinvigorate himself. Malachi is active and athletic and wants to learn and grow in new activities, including fun adventures in the outdoors. He enjoys riding his bike outside, or maybe playing with his very cool remote control car. Malachi is also really into fire trucks and fire stations. He also gets excited about new toys. He can play alone, happily, for hours. On the creative side, Malachi really enjoys art projects and writing. Board games, cards, Legos, Minecraft, and his iPad are also very high on Malachi’s list of favorite things. Malachi is also always down to watch television.

Now a senior in high school, Malachi really loves to learn. By asking lots of questions, Malachi is continually working hard to understand new ideas. He does really well with a small classroom environment and extra support. Malachi is always making progress and is really working on focusing on his studies.

Malachi is closely bonded with his three siblings and maintains contact with them via Skype and in-person visits when possible. It will be important for his adoptive family to be willing to continue to support and maintain these significant connections.

Malachi would benefit from a family with a strong male role model where at least one parent can spend a lot of quality time with him. Malachi would do well in a home where he can be the only child, or the older brother to younger kids! He gets along well with kids his own age, or slightly younger. He really gets along with other kids and siblings would be very welcome to Malachi. Malachi’s family will need to be able to advocate for his needs within the school and community environment. Malachi is an awesome kid with a great sense of humor with a real desire to find the right adoptive family. He would also benefit from culturally appropriate support in his life, so an adoptive family who can support that aspect of his identity would be especially great.

If you can envision Malachi in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he so desires and deserves.