Meet Malachi

An energetic, personable, and friendly kid, Malachi is the kind of guy who is always quick to volunteer to help or play or have a good time. He is often found smiling and laughing while he spends time with people in his life. Genuine compliments are always at the ready in Malachi’s mind – he’s always there to offer something uplifting. He’s always ready to make someone’s day.

Besides making other people happy, Malachi is great at making his own day, as well. He has made incredible progress when it comes to his ability to be independent. He thoroughly enjoys being around other people, but he is adept at taking the time to be alone to reinvigorate himself. In his current foster home, Malachi has been doing so well. He wakes himself up, gets himself ready, and heads out to the bus for school, all without a fuss. Malachi also doesn’t mind entertaining himself with arts and crafts, or playing for hours on end with his toy cars and monster trucks. Board games, cards, Legos, Minecraft, and his iPad are also very high on Malachi’s list of favorite things. Malachi is also always down to watch television; his all-time favorite cartoon character is SpongeBob Squarepants, of course.

Getting outside is a blast for Malachi, as well. He loves riding his bike, playing at the park, and going swimming at the YMCA. He has also had the chance to attend summer camp over the past two years where he was able to go horseback riding, which was a very memorable experience. Being around the horses was really special to him, and Malachi would love to go back to camp. Malachi is definitely a fan of animals. He currently lives with three dogs and has a blast spending time with them. (The dogs love it too.)

Malachi, who likes riding the bus to school, is in 6th grade. In the past few years, Malachi has really come into his own. He’s formed friendships with older classmates, and he enjoys assisting the younger kids in the classroom as needed. Malachi participates in a health and fitness class twice a week and appreciates the downtime of his lunch and recess periods. He has made great emotional progress and is able to express himself positively inside and outside of school. Malachi does best in quiet, low-key classroom environments with a schedule and routine in place. Malachi responds well to positive classroom systems and is a very visual learner. He also appreciates praise as well as the appropriate amount of time to contemplate his decisions.

Malachi is closely bonded with his three siblings and maintains contact with them via Skype and in-person visits when possible. It will be important for his adoptive family to be willing to continue to support and maintain these significant connections.

Malachi would benefit from a family where at least one parent can spend a lot of quality time with him. Malachi would do well with older kids in the home who could serve as positive role models and friends! He really gets along with other kids and siblings would be very welcome to Malachi. Malachi enjoys being part of a group and would fit into a nurturing family who can provide the daily structure and consistency that helps him do well. Malachi's family will need to be able to advocate for his needs within the school and community environment. Malachi is a terrific little boy with a great sense of humor and a very social personality. Let us know if you want to learn more about this awesome kid. We’re eager to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Portraits by Tom Wolken, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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