Meet David

David loves Legos. The excitement of creating something new and colorful, the possibilities endless, is David’s favorite thing. Any spare time he can muster up is spent hanging out with his Legos. David, of course, has other interests as well. He loves Batman, Spider-Man, Angry Birds, and Mo Willems' books, especially those from his Elephant and Piggie series. David is drawn to pop culture and is able to associate what he is learning to characters in movies and books, such as the Disney movie, Inside Out.

An active kid, David likes to ride his bike and play outside. In the past, he has had a lot of fun at the YMCA day camp during the summer. David has also shown an interest in musical instruments, particularly the piano, and might enjoy taking a few lessons in the future.

David thrives on spending quality time with the people in his life. He is particularly drawn to older kids and adults, who tend to inspire him. He wants to befriend everyone and really likes to make people happy. David has made great progress when it comes to boundaries and is continually evolving when it comes to being respectful in all areas of his life. David is a sweet, kind, and loving kid who just wants everyone to be happy.

David has a strong bond and relationship with his foster mother. He also appreciates one on one time with other significant adults in his life, such as teachers. While he feels most secure and safe in familiar environments, he is often up for impromptu, fun activities, such as going to the park with his friends and adults who are caring and attentive.

David is now in the 5th grade and has continued to make a lot of progress in his subjects and enjoys school.

When David is asked about what excites him the most regarding adoption, he says the chance to be adopted by a family with kids his own age. David’s recruitment team wants to hear from experienced families who are excited to meet a fun and loving kid. If you are a family who has lots of positive parenting skills and love spending quality time together, reach out to us! We are excited to find David the adoptive family he deserves.

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