Meet Yesenia

Friendly, funny, and nurturing, Yesenia is a great kid who enjoys so many different parts of life. From wrestling to writing in her journal to diving into a new LEGO kit, it’s easy for Yesenia to be entertained. She also has a big interest in fashion and loves clothes and shoes.

It’s important to Yesenia that families know she really likes to be involved and help out whenever she can, and she does really great with younger kids!

An important aspect of Yesenia’s identity is her Native American heritage; an adoptive family who is willing to seek out and participate with Yesenia to learn about her Native American Heritage is important.

Currently in the 8th grade, Yesenia does well in school but would also benefit from having the support fo an adoptive family as she navigates the rest of her school years.

Yesenia cherishes family and has a bond with her younger biological sister and brother. An adoptive family who is committed to maintaining contact with Yesenia’s family members is essential.

The ideal adoptive family for Yesenia should be patient and prepared to take the time to really get to know her. An adoptive family with younger kids, or where Yesenia can be the only child would be the best fit for her. Additionally, Yesenia's adoptive family should understand the importance of open conversation and communication.

Spending time with Yesenia is the best way to get to know her, and once you do, you will see the charming, funny, loving, and caring person that she is.

If you can see Yesenia in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the loving adoptive home she deserves.

Could you see Yesenia as part of your family?

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