Meet Liam

“Liam is the happiest boy I have ever met. I appreciate his enthusiasm for life and how he brightens everyone’s day with his smile.”

Sociable, patient, loving, and happy-go-lucky, Liam is just a joy to spend time with. It’s really the little things that bring Liam joy. He’s quite delighted by music and loves being sung to, especially if his company will squeeze his hand as they belt out a tune. Liam also appreciates being told a great story, or just playing with his favorite toys – all the ones that squeak!

Currently in the 1st grade, Liam has some educational routines that really work for him. He’s been attending school virtually when needed, and really loves hearing his teacher’s voice. An adoptive family who will stay in close touch with Liam’s educational needs will be essential.

A moment Liam’s social worker loved was when he realized he was hearing his own voice and immediately began making sounds. His social worker adds that “the utter excitement on his face was priceless.”

There are a few close relationships in Liam’s life that he’d like to maintain. An adoptive family’s support with those relationships is expected.

The ideal adoptive family for Liam will be an experienced family with the capacity to really get to know Liam’s specific routines. Liam will do well in any family configuration, as long as his future adoptive parents have plenty of love, time, and care to give to this great kid.

Could you see Liam as part of your family?