Meet Kaiden and Ray

Kaiden and Ray are two awesome brothers who are eager to find the right adoptive family, together.

For fun, these two kids like to do a whole range of things. Kaiden is creative and enjoys a nice indoor space where he can have fun cataloging his Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, tracking their benefits, and ensuring he knows just what’s in his collection. Kaiden also enjoys drawing, coloring, doing puzzles, and playing with anything remotely high-tech and cool like a remote-control car. Kaiden also has quite a few Rubik's cubes to his name. He is also involved in Boat Builders and has enjoyed learning how to use all of the tools.

You’ll most likely find Ray outside, playing sports, planning a camping excursion, golfing, or doing just about anything else, as long as it’s out in the fresh air. Naturally, Ray loves to hang inside and watch TV and movies with his brother too. Mostly, Ray likes to be stimulated and gets a lot of positive energy from being involved and engaged. He became a Cub Scout this Fall and has really taken to it earning several badges.

Currently in the 6th and 5th grades respectively, Kaiden and Ray are happy to be back to in-person learning. Kaiden is a super bright kid who excels at subjects like math and robotics. Before the pandemic, Kaiden had gotten involved in volunteering his leadership abilities to extracurricular activities, like performing as a cross guard at school. His natural inclination to help out kids younger than he is makes him an excellent leader for younger kids. When other activities are safe to go back to in-person, both Kaiden and Ray will likely do best with an adoptive family to help guide and support them through the transition.

Kaiden and Ray’s team are excited to hear from smaller families where the boys can be the very youngest or the only kids in the home. The team wants families to know Ray really does his best with a strong maternal figure, so a family with one or two moms would be great. Additionally, it should be noted that Kaiden is a big animal lover and dreams of having his own small aquarium one day! A family with pets would be very welcome.

Both kids thrive with guidance, support, patience, and lots of quality time. It’s what they deserve. If you can see Kaiden and Ray in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Could you see Kaiden and Ray as part of your family?