Meet Andrew

The kind of kid who makes friends easily and has a slew of interests, Andrew would be a great addition to the right adoptive home. He’s an artist – mostly a drawer, but he really has an appreciation for all artistic mediums. When he isn’t sketching something new, Andrew is most likely reading. He’s a super strong reader who really enjoys discovering new stories. Additionally, Andrew is very proud of his collection of stuffed animals – it’s quite impressive. Andrew is also musically inclined and has really liked taking guitar lessons!

Being able to take an adventure in the great outdoors is something Andrew really appreciates. He loves to engage in physical activities, particularly hiking. Indoors, Andrew’s favorite physical activity is the trampoline! He really enjoys going to trampoline activity centers where he can bounce the day away. Andrew is also currently enrolled in karate classes and he’s doing really well in that environment.

In school, Andrew does his best with a lot of encouragement and motivation. His classroom environment works well for him. Having an adoptive family who can help keep him focused and motivated on his studies will help him meet even more of his academic goals, now and throughout the rest of his educational career.

Andrew is a really sweet soul. He has a quiet demeanor, though he’s always working on being more of a conversationalist. Like aforementioned, he makes friends easily, and is continually putting in the effort to become even more social. With the help of an adoptive family, Andrew will surely thrive.

An adoptive family who prioritizes being active would be a great fit for Andrew. This kid will bring a lot of joy to the right family. Andrew will do well with a single parent or a couple and would likely do best as the only child or the younger brother to much older siblings. Andrew would love to be adopted by a family with animals since he is particularly drawn to them. Recently, Andrew has really enjoyed attending church with his foster family and may want to continue to do so in the future.

If you can envision hiking and jumping around on trampolines with Andrew, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Portraits by Tom Wolken in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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