Meet Andrew

Andrew is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Likes to be: Outside hiking or camping
Passionate about: Creating things
Always up for: Throwing around a football
Wants to find: An active and outdoorsy adoptive family

A true outdoorsman with an artistic side to boot, Andrew is an awesome kid with a lot of different interests. Andrew was quick to say "yes" to sharing directly with potential families about what he loves most through his In-Depth Profile.

Andrew's happy place is always outdoors, preferably with lots of room to run around and explore. Andrew will jump at any chance to go hiking, biking, fishing, or camping. Andrew really loves his ghillie suit, which for those who don't know, is a full body camouflage suit. Often used for hunting, Andrew had a totally different purpose in mind for his. So what does Andrew actually use his ghillie suit for then? Hide and seek, of course!

See if you'd be able to spot Andrew playing hide and seek in his ghillie suit!

His favorite indoor activity is even an outdoor activity – the trampoline! Andrew loves going to trampoline activity centers where he can bounce the day away. Andrew is also interested in sports, his favorites being football, basketball, and baseball. Here's where Andrew's artistic and athletic sides truly collide; Andrew loves to deck out his sneakers and football cleats with his own designs!

Andrew is sitting at a table with a huge smile on his face next to three projects he's painted; a pair of teal and black sneakers, a big gray and teal jar, and a pair of black and yellow football cleats.

Andrew's also painted his remote control cars, various masks, a NASCAR flag - you name it, and Andrew probably wants to paint it. Andrew also likes drawing and really loves to make elaborate projects entirely out of cardboard. We’re not talking small projects here – he’s built a pop machine, a tiki bar complete with island masks, and some pretend shop booths. Truly a visionary!

Check out Andrew's hand painted remote control cars and NASCAR flag in action!

If he isn’t running around outside or working on an art project, Andrew is most likely reading. He’s an avid reader who really enjoys discovering new stories. Andrew is also musically inclined and has really liked taking guitar lessons!

In school, Andrew seems to do his best work with a lot of encouragement and motivation. Having an adoptive family who can help keep him focused and motivated on his studies will help him meet even more of his academic goals, now and throughout the rest of his time in school.

Background image of a white, teal, and purple mask that Andrew painted.

Anyone who's met Andrew can confirm that he's a really sweet soul. He has a quiet demeanor, or as his social worker says, “he’s a man of few words.” Andrew makes friends easily though, and is continually putting in the effort to become even more social.

Andrew’s team wants to hear from families who prioritize being active and who love the outdoors! They think Andrew will likely do best as the only child or the younger brother to much older siblings. Andrew himself has said that it's really important for him to find an on-the-go type family who wants to get outside with him. He'd also love to be adopted by a family with animals! He has experience helping out with farm animals like sheep, llamas, and goats and would love to continue to do so in the future.

If you can envision this sweet, creative, outdoorsy kid as a part of your family, please reach out to us! We can't wait to find Andrew the adoptive family he deserves.