Meet Blake

“I appreciate Blake’s kind and gentle spirit.” — Blake’s social worker

There are so many great things about Blake. Everyone that knows him adores being around him and appreciates his helpful, charming personality. We’re eager to help Blake find the adoptive family he deserves.

Among Blake’s favorite things to do are play video games, watch movies, and eat Panda Express. This kid knows how to live! Though everyone appreciates a nice night in, Blake also really enjoys the outdoors and really getting a chance to play. A social kid, Blake loves to have fun and tumble around outside with his friends, though he is also perfectly content being alone and playing by himself. Blake is also really artistic and would likely enjoy delving further into the world of creativity.

Currently in the 4th grade, Blake is navigating the world of online school the best he can! He enjoys online learning and would benefit from the support of an adoptive family to help him stay focused and motivated. Blake is really intelligent and especially excels in math, his favorite subject.

Blake has a close relationship with his biological brother. An adoptive family who will support that bond throughout his life will be essential.

Another thing – Blake is a big animal lover! It would be so special for Blake to have a buddy to care for in his new home.

A patient adoptive family who prioritizes quality time and positive reinforcement will be a great fit for Blake. Blake’s team thinks it will be best for him to be the only child, or the youngest of older siblings, and notes that he will likely do very well with a single mother, though they are open to hearing from all family types.

If you can see Blake in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to help him find the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Blake as part of your family?

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