Meet Layla

Special Note: Guardianship to Adoption Needed

This child is waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide permanency. Adoption will become the intended plan once the right family is found. Learn more about Guardianship here.

As anyone who has met Layla could tell you, she is a charismatic, engaging kid that can hold a conversation with almost anyone! Layla’s many interests are multifaceted and she’s often inclined to keep herself busy. She enjoys arts and crafts, dolls, painting her nails, and playing make believe. Layla is sweet, diligent, and highly motivated to be successful at what she does! She is a big animal lover, playful, creative, and fun loving. Layla is passionate about food and is open to trying all sorts of cuisines, except for mushrooms! Her favorite foods are street tacos and any type of seafood.

Layla is skilled at interacting with both adults and peers and tends to be very outgoing in conversation. Layla wants to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and will stand her ground when she senses that there is any sort of injustice towards her or those she cares about. Layla is great at providing kudos and reassurance to those around her, and deserves to receive that same reassurance and consideration in return. Layla enjoys playful interactions and getting to just be a kid – using her imagination, creativity, and make-believe skills are some of Layla’s favorite things to do! Despite the pandemic, Layla has been doing very well at school. Her teachers report that she is engaging and eager to learn. Science and math are her favorite subjects at the moment.

Layla has expressed that would like to have two parents, as well as siblings. She would love it if this family had pets! She is interested in religion and would like to be able to attend church. Layla is interested in connecting with families of all ethnic backgrounds; Layla herself is of African American, Mexican, and Swedish ethnicities. She is most connected to her Mexican heritage; however, she has more recently become interested in her African American heritage as well. It’s important to Layla that she’ll be able to maintain contact with some of her relatives that have been a big part of her life so far.

An energetic and loving couple would be a great fit for Layla. Understanding, patience, reassurance, and lots of affection are also important qualities for Layla to have in a parent! Layla is looking for parents that can meet her where she’s at and help guide her through some of life’s tougher moments. Once the right family is found, adoption will become an option, but Layla is currently seeking a guardianship placement at this time. Layla has done very well in her current foster home and looks forward to finding a more permanent place to call home. Layla deserves to have parents that are calm, reassuring, understanding, and that are invested in her education and future. Layla would do best if she’s able to have her own bedroom and be the youngest in the home. We're excited to find Layla the permanent home she deserves!

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