Meet Jessica

Jessica loves, loves, loves, horses! She feels a connection with all animals, but horses are absolutely magical for Jessica. Dogs and cats are pretty great too, and she really enjoys caring for them. She would be thrilled if her adoptive family shared her enthusiasm for four-legged friends, and included animals, especially, of course, horses. In addition to her adoration for animals, Jessica has a great sense of humor! She has fun joking around with the significant adults in her life. She’s creative too, and arts and crafts are a great expressive outlet for her. Singing along with her favorite artists on the radio or her CD collection is another wonderful way to spend time, if you ask Jessica. Summer, she’d tell you just might be her favorite season, because, one word – swimming!

Recently, Jessica has gotten involved in gymnastics and has really enjoyed it! Being a gymnast has encouraged Jessica to get out and about and explore her athleticism.

Jessica enjoys being around adults, especially when she gets to have some one-on-one attention. She can be shy, so patient adoptive parent(s) who will give her the time and space she needs to feel comfortable will be important. Preparing her ahead of time for transitions so that she has some time to process her feelings works best for her. Jessica has enjoyed close relationships with her previous foster parents and formed a strong bond with her elementary school teacher.

Currently in the 9th grade, Jessica is doing quite well in school and is very capable of achieving academic success. She benefits from one-on-one support and encouragement, especially when she’s getting started on something new. Jessica has really great relationships with her teachers, who all have very positive things to say about working with her. Having adoptive parents who will be educational advocates for her, and see that any needed resources are in place to help her be successful would be a nice boost.

Jessica wants to be adopted! In addition to pets and horses, she would really like to have one or two older siblings in her adoptive family, though she would be fine as the only child in a home as well. Her worker especially looks forward to hearing from nurturing, patient, couples or single moms who will bring humor, encouragement, and plenty of praise to parenting. Having a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies and positive parenting skills could be especially important in helping Jessica succeed and become her best self. Jessica really appreciates quality time and attention, so a family who is excited to spend lots of time with her would be the best fit.

If you can see Jessica in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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