Meet Brylee

Brylee is just the coolest. A really sweet and kind person, Brylee is always looking out for everyone around her. She is super independent and responsible, and is constantly helping out others. What does Brylee do for herself, though? She gets outside and enjoys the fresh air. Whether it’s camping, swimming, biking, or riding horseback, Brylee really values the experience of spending time outdoors.

In fact, back to that coolest thing, Brylee plays football and was even on her high school’s (all boy) football team. Brylee played wide receiver and free safety right alongside her teammates, holding her own and making it known that whatever she wants to do, she is capable of achieving.

Currently in her freshman year of high school, Brylee does well navigating learning in the time of a pandemic. Brylee does well in school and, as aforementioned, is such a big help for her peers, friends, and teachers. Both inside and outside of the school environment, Brylee does her best with structure, routine, and consistency.

“Brylee is an amazing young lady who is a joy to parent.” Brylee’s current foster parents

When asked what she hopes to find in an adoptive family, Brylee has a lot to say! She would like a local family, mostly because she is very close to her biological brother, a bond that her future adoptive family should be excited to support. Brylee would love to be adopted by a family who spends time together, travels, and likes sports. A family who already has other children in the home (and animals!) would be great for Brylee, who loves to spend time with other people, though she’d also like to add that her own room would be ideal!

Brylee has such a kind and sweet personality and is an absolute joy. If you can see her in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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