Meet Cristian, Ivy, and Luke

Cristian, Ivy, and Luke are a fun, energetic, and very sweet sibling group of three. They have developed a strong bond and enjoy spending time with one another. All three thrive with adult attention and do especially well when they’re able to receive lots of love and praise from the adults in their life. These are kids who love going on family outings or just spending time together at home, playing games. Each of them is very passionate about their interests and their eyes light up when they get to share these passions with others!

Cristian is a smart and enthusiastic kid. With his many interests, he is particularly passionate about geography, weather, and has lately been developing an interest in birds. Cristian can name many states, state capitals, Oregon counties, and street names. He also knows a lot about bugs! If Cristian is interested in something, he's one to want to know everything about it. He has an incredible memory and can list off fun facts for days! Cristian likes outer space, and, while he doesn’t wish to be an astronaut when he grows up, he wouldn’t mind a quick trip to the moon just to check things out.

Ivy is bright, kind, caring, and loving. Very helpful around the house, she enjoys helping out with various chores. Ivy, too, is curious, inquisitive, and has a knack for learning new things. She enjoys drawing and playing with her doll houses. Ivy also loves playing on the playground and gets along well with kids of all ages. Ivy loves her brothers deeply and is very protective of them.

Luke is a very sweet and snuggly little brother. Very loving, he enjoys regular cuddles with his caregiver. Like his siblings, he also exhibits a natural curiosity and likes to explore his surroundings. Luke likes to be busy and is often on the move. He loves to be outside and especially enjoys basking in the sun. One of Luke’s favorite things is to have something to climb on when he plays outside!

Cristian is in fourth grade and deserves a family that will help him be his most successful at school. Cristian makes quick progress when he has the support and advocacy he needs! Cristian does well working on the computer for school and has a great attention span when he has a minimally distracting environment. Cristian is a pro at memorizing facts about his favorite topics, like geography and space.

Ivy is in the second grade and most definitely enjoys school! Ivy is able to make friends with ease, and often receives good feedback from her teacher.

Luke is in the first grade and communicates through a variety of methods, including some American Sign Language, his own “Luke sign language,” and a picture system called PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). Like his older brother, Luke is best able to make progress in school when he is in a calm environment and away from any distractions.

Cristian, Ivy, and Luke have lived together for almost their entire lives and deserve to remain together. These three all love one another deeply, with Ivy being described as the “little mama” who looks out for her two brothers. They generally get along well, despite some normal sibling disagreements here and there. They have some relatives as well as their current foster parents that they would benefit from maintaining a relationship with as they move into an adoptive placement.

These siblings would do best in a two-parent home and would thrive with a warm, nurturing, and kind family. All three have expressed that they would like to be able to keep a connection with their current foster family and would prefer an adoptive family who has pets. Cristian, Ivy, and Luke are Hispanic and would benefit from learning about their heritage as they grow up. They have been attending church with their current foster family and report that they enjoy attending. All three children really love being active and playing outside and would be happy to have a home with a safe and secure yard that they can play in.

Cristian, Ivy, and Luke are looking for parents that are patient, kind, affirming, and that will be ready to meet each of their unique and individual needs. They will do best with a slow, planful transition to adoption. Structure and routine are key along with an energetic, fun-loving family who has a strong support network and the ability to keep up with three wonderful, on-the-go kids!

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