Meet Trenton

When asked to describe Trenton, his social worker comes back to two words – charming and charismatic. Being around Trenton, you are guaranteed to feel good, laugh a lot at one of his great riddles, and probably be impressed by one of his passion projects.

Trenton is an artist, with his main medium of choice being charcoal or pencil. He is truly an excellent artist who we hope continues to perfect his craft. Also a big reader, Trenton would probably be delighted to spend ample time in a bookstore or library, picking out potential new favorite books. And that’s not all – Trenton is magic! (Well, he knows a few good card tricks, but we think that makes him magic.)

When he has the chance to hang out outside, Trenton most enjoys swimming and riding his electric unicycle! In a post-pandemic world, Trenton hopes to play for the school football team. (He’s a big, big Seattle Seahawks fan!)

Currently in the 5th grade, Trenton does really well in school with the support of his educational advocate and mentors. Trenton is doing great staying on track with the subjects in school and will certainly benefit from a patient adoptive family who can support his goals and achievements in school. In the past, Trenton has also expressed gratitude for math tutoring through a program that worked really well for him!

Trenton has a close relationship with his biological brother. An adoptive family who will support and nourish that bond throughout his life will be essential.

The ideal adoptive family for Trenton will be great at setting boundaries and clear expectations while providing a great deal of reassurance. Trenton has stated that he is hopeful for a secure, committed, safe, loving family of his own. We know he deserves that.

If you can see Trenton in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Trenton as part of your family?

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