Meet De'Asia

De’asia is polite, loving, and so fun to be around – the right adoptive family will be so happy to meet her! The ideal adoptive family for De’asia is a family who is big on boundaries, guidance, patience, and love. De’asia deserves all of that and more.

What does De’asia like to do for fun? It might be easier to list what she doesn’t like, but we’ll give it a try. When she’s outside, De’asia most enjoys roller skating, a little adventure in the fresh air. Indoors, De’asia enjoys reading books, listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games. On the artistic side, De’asia loves to explore her creativity through drawing and other crafts.

Currently in the 5th grade, De’asia prefers in-person school but has made great progress in navigating online learning. An adoptive family who can support and encourage De’asia throughout her schooling years, virtually or otherwise, will be so beneficial for her! De’asia is a great student who loves science and has previously won student of the month awards. What a superstar.

De’asia has a close relationship with her biological grandmother. An adoptive family who will support this bond is essential.

The right adoptive family for De’asia will be a single mother or a two-parent couple who, as aforementioned, can help De’asia learn and understand boundaries as she continues to grow up and get to know the world around her. De’asia is really patient with other kids and would do great with siblings in the home. She’s also a big animal lover, so pets are welcome!

If you can see De’asia in your family, please reach out to us. We're excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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