Meet Sebastian and Bayro

Sebastian and Bayro are such awesome brothers who delight in the company of one another and are excited to be adopted together. While they naturally have some sibling spats from time to time, these two are very close and can’t imagine growing up apart. We are excited to find the right adoptive family to welcome these two into their home.

Soft-spoken with a quirky sense of humor and a continual twinkle in his eye, Sebastian is a great kid. One of his favorite things to do is play basketball, and as he is pretty tall, it’s a great passion for him to have! Of course, Sebastian likes lots of other outdoor activities like fishing and swimming. When indoors, he loves to build with LEGOs.

Currently in the 6th grade, Sebastian is doing school online and though he much prefers being in-person, he’s doing his best. He loves to talk about what he’s learning and how things are going. An adoptive family who will encourage and support Sebastian throughout his school years will be really great for him.

A super chatty kid with an inquisitive mind, Bayro is Sebastian’s wonderful little brother. Bayro enjoys helping around the house, drawing (especially with sidewalk chalk), and watching television. Like we said, Bayro loves to talk and really appreciates having an audience to listen to his stories. Bayro always has a lot to say and has many questions waiting to be answered.

Currently in the 3rd grade, Bayro is also doing online school and is doing well! Bayro is really quick and catches onto new concepts really quickly. Most recently, he wowed by picking up multiplication by 5s right off the bat! Bayro says that “math is easy,” but takes issue with some of the trickier concepts when it comes to English. For example, words with silent letters like tsnuami! Bayro has a good point here. Bayro really likes to talk about what he’s learning in school and how it’s going. An adoptive family who si eager to support and celebrate Bayro’s academic successes will be great!

Sebastian and Bayro have other biological siblings that they are close with. An adoptive family who will support those bonds throughout their life will be essential.

These brothers will do well in most family configurations and will be most successful with an adoptive family who is caring, loving, and supportive. Sebastian is very empathetic and loves affection; Bayro is super friendly and engaging. The right adoptive family for these two will be a family who spends quality time together and can meet these boys both where they are.

If you can see Sebastian and Bayro in your family, please reach out to us!

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