Meet David

Introducing David! David is a fantastic boy who loves PAW Patrol, being read to, and playing with Matchbox cars! He is a high-energy kiddo who is constantly in motion, always wanting to run and play outside. This boy is a real sweetheart who has a lot of love to give. He really craves one-on-one attention from adults - David likes to be close to his caregivers and deserves lots of attention, joy, and unconditional love.

David currently attends 1st grade. He benefits from a variety of supports and will need a family able to advocate for his all educational and developmental needs. He’s got a playful spirit and a loving heart and is always working hard to learn new daily life skills. With his adoptive family’s ongoing advocacy long term, over time David will be able to maximize his potential and discover his own unique talents, whatever they might be.

David has a close relationship with his biological brother and sister. It’ll be important for a family to help continue this bond.The ideal family for David will have ample amounts of time to spend with him and be interested in participating in fun activities with him, rather than watching from the sidelines. David should have at least one parent who is able to invest a great deal of time with him. He will do best in a home where he is the youngest child, as he has a great need for nurturing and love.

David is an engaging kid who deserves the love and security that only a permanent home and family can offer. If you can see David in your family, please make an inquiry below.

Could you see David as part of your family?