Meet Logan

“He has a great personality.”

We’re excited for potential adoptive families to get to know a bit more about Logan, a social, funny, science-lover who wants to be adopted.

One of the things Logan enjoys most is his virtual Mad-Science Club. Typically, this club would be an after school activity but like most things, it has pivoted to be online this year. Regardless, Logan really appreciates the interaction with his peers who are equally interested in science and who also enjoy experimenting as much as he does.

Of course, Logan has other interests outside of the science world. He likes to get outside for a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood. With a bit of a competitive spirit, Logan really likes to play with others, especially a round of football, baseball, or a quick bike race. And if someone else also had an RC car, maybe Logan would want to race. Logan also loves video games and has a lot of fun playing online by himself or with friends from school. Fortnite and Minecraft are his true favorites, but he’s open to anything.

Really Logan enjoys most things! He’s always excited to have a board game night, go on a nice trail walk or stroll through the park, or build a new wooden race car. Why not?

As aforementioned, Logan is super funny and has a great sense of humor. He can tell a great joke and just as importantly, he can take a joke too! A chatty guy, Logan is really open to conversing with just about anyone. Logan’s social worker notes that he likes to talk but he’s also a great listener and is open to processing and talking through things with the adults in his life.

Currently in the 6th grade, Logan is doing a good job navigating the ups and downs of school during the pandemic, though he prefers to work on paper and in the physical classroom. Logan relies on social interactions with his peers and teachers and is really looking forward to being able to go to school in person again one day. An adoptive family who can encourage Logan and keep him on track throughout his middle and high school years will be great for him.

When asked what she appreciates about Logan, his social worker said, he is a lot of fun to be with, especially one-on-one. She added that he is “up for anything, whether it’s driving to get a McFlurry and then just driving around and listening to music, or going to a store to browse the toy aisles.” Additionally, she says that she loves to see Logan get excited about things and enjoys listening to him talk about his interests. Logan is known for encouraging and helping others — whether it be with their homework, their chores, or anything else they have going on. He’s a great role model and very kind person.

Logan is really close with his biological grandmother and it will be necessary for him to maintain that connection with her throughout his life. Logan is at his happiest when he has strong relationships in his life.

Logan says he would like a one or two parent home where he is the youngest or only child. When asked what he hopes to find in an adoptive family, he has emphatically stated that he’d like his family to play video games! It would also be cool if they are into RC cars and football.

Logan will do best with a loving and patient family who will help him transition into a permanent home. Logan would love a family who will acknowledge and invest in his heritage while providing him with consistency, predictability, and a set routine. A family who will comfort Logan with positive reinforcement and encouragement would be a great fit. Logan has made excellent progress in the past couple of years and is looking forward to a family who will encourage and guide him in his future.

Local families are especially encouraged to reach out if you are interested in learning more about Logan. We would love to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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