Meet Jeffrey

Once Jeffrey saves up enough allowance money, he will be purchasing a laptop, in order to work on a goal of his: writing books! Writing books is kind of a great combination of two of Jeffrey’s favorite things – electronics and reading! While he only has a few hours of screen time a day, Jeffrey understands that reading a book is just as important as spending time on the computer.

A compassionate caregiver of animals, Jeffrey is quite bonded to his pet rat and cats. His cats were once called Violet and Lucy, but Jeffrey later discovered they were both male cats! His pet rat is named Tony, after Tony Stark aka Iron Man! Jeffrey would really appreciate if his future adoptive family would let him bring Tony along. He’s very special to him.

This past year, Jeffrey was looking forward to attending the Boys and Girls Club where he was going to be able to take a coding class. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the class had to be cancelled, but Jeffrey is still very interested in the subject. In fact, he wants to learn robot programming and one day wants to design and create his own app! The app’s function? To help Jeffrey sell the books he’s going to write, of course. Currently in the 8th grade, Jeffrey’s favorite class is math! (Until he gets to take coding, that is.) Jeffrey has made a lot of progress in school and will benefit from the encouragement and guidance of an adoptive family when it comes to his education and future goals.

Another thing Jeffrey is looking forward to in the future is the chance to hike and fish.

Jeffrey is an awesome kid who has learned so much about himself in recent months. He’s gained a lot of perspective on the world around us, relationships, and building trust. An adoptive family who can jump in and continue to help Jeffrey learn and understand and grow around these subjects will be so great for him.

When asked what he wants in an adoptive family, Jeffrey indicated that he would love a family who has animals, and who will let him keep his rat! Additionally, Jeffrey has stated that he prefers to have siblings around his own age because he’d love to watch movies and play board games together. Jeffrey’s team thinks he will do awesome with a single dad or two dads; a home with a strong male role model will be the best for him. An adoptive family who is big on clear rules and expectations will be ideal!

If you can see Jeffrey in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Jeffrey as part of your family?