Meet Cameron

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Ask anyone who knows Cameron, and you’ll hear one of the following phrases:

“Absolutely precious.”
“A happy boy.”
“Everyone falls in love with him.”

And it’s all true. Cameron is a very well-loved child.

Throughout his life, Cameron has continually defied expectations. The special attention and care that Cameron requires will remain a part of his life as he grows up. Cameron is a delicate child who makes everyone around him smile. Every moment with Cameron is special.

A good cuddle, a quiet coo, and feet that dance along to whatever music is playing around him; Cameron brings a positive spirit to every room. Cameron communicates through soft cooing, and recently, if he has had enough of a certain activity, will gently cry to let you know playtime is over. Cameron enjoys being fussed over and appreciates the loving attention he receives from adults he has known his whole life.

Like many of us, music is among Cameron’s very favorite things. He loves the sound of it, he enjoys hearing and tinkering with musical instruments, and he will happily kick his feet to a good beat. When Cameron is tired of listening to music, or of play in general, he will often go to sleep. He loves to sleep.

An adoptive family who can put the extra time and care into loving Cameron would be ideal. Parents who can give Cameron the time and attention that he requires would be the best fit for him, particularly at least one parent with the option to stay home. We'd like to hear from families who live near a hospital and are able to provide Cameron with proper care. Since Cameron enjoys playing and is often stimulated by the energy of other kids, older or younger siblings would be great for him. If you think you are the right fit for Cameron, please contact us. We would love to find the right adoptive family for this cheerful child.

Could you see Cameron as part of your family?

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