Washington's Waiting Children

Child Name:Nadia and Quelaana (Sunshine)
Age:14 and 11
D.O.B.:12/2002, 1/2006
Gender:Both Female
Race/Culture:African American/Black


Nadia and Quelaana (who likes to be called Sunshine) are sisters who have strong bonds and would like to be adopted together. The girls also have a two-year-old brother who is being adopted separately. The girls will be counting on their adoptive family to help them maintain this important sibling connection. While Sunshine is legally free, the TPR for Nadia is scheduled for October 2016.

Nadia is a very smart girl who is able to do well in school. Believing only A's are acceptable, Nadia aims high and is able to challenge herself to achieve. She is also a good reader and has a passion for learning. Her favorite places to be are school and the library. Nadia is also a very tidy person who likes her things maintained a certain way.

Nadia has attended a camp that helps children to prepare for permanency with an adoptive family. Her experiences there have been very positive, and it may be a useful resource for her in the future.

Nadia has developed a good relationship with a counselor who is helping her to increase her social skills and her ability to build greater trust with the various adults who are currently in her life. Nadia has one close peer-aged friend at school, but has closer connections with teachers and other adults at her school.

Sunshine is a very loveable and respectful young girl. While she tends to be quiet and reserved, she warms up and engages when caring adults express interest and are willing to share some personal information about themselves; she especially likes hearing personal anecdotes that include cats! Sunshine enjoys many age-typical activities such as arts and crafts, playing outdoors, riding her bike, listening to pop music, going on community outings, and socializing with peers. She has a very good imagination and loves to draw and to play dress up. Sunshine responds well to positive reinforcement and self-esteem boosting interactions. When she’s feeling anxious or shy it can help to ask her to whisper in your ear what she would like to say.

Nadia and Sunshine enjoy being involved in various family activities at home and in the community and love having opportunities to learn new skills and increase their knowledge of the world around them. The best fit for Nadia and Sunshine will be a couple or single-parent who will welcome the girls as valued family members into their home and into their loving support system of extended family and friends. That will go a long way in giving the girls the time that they need to begin to trust and form attachments with their new adoptive family. Having a stable home with a consistent daily routine, clear rules and limits, as well as consequences that have been discussed with them ahead of time and agreed to, will help the girls feel safe and secure. If your family is looking to welcome two inquisitive girls who have many strengths to enjoy and build upon, let us know soon.

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