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NWAE Number:C7586
Child Name:Nickolas (Nick)
Profile Updated:03/2015


Nickolas, or Nick as he likes to be called, is an extremely likeable kid who is genuine, and endearing. While he really needs adults on the home front to provide support and coaching in social situations, Nick is very intelligent. Math, science, and history seem to light a fire under Nick, and he loves studying and creating things related to those subjects. He has an amazing binder in which he keeps science and chemistry notes and lessons, as well as pictures and articles of historical facts and figures he finds interesting and note-worthy. Nick is extremely interested in computer programming. Nick also has a great sense of curiosity and loves to work with his hands, tinkering, taking things apart and reassembling them.

When he’s home, Nick enjoys reading books, especially about cars and computers, listening to music, and creating homemade science projects. Chess is one of his favorite board games, and he has fun, too, surfing the internet and playing games on his Nintendo DS. Although Nick is not into sports, he likes being outdoors exploring nature and taking walks. An especially precious personal possession of Nick’s which he has had for years, and one that he is very attached to, is a small stuffed dog he calls “Doggy.”

Now in tenth grade, Nick has an IEP to address his social and behavioral special needs and his attention difficulties which are related to high-functioning autism. He currently is attending classes in the morning only, so he is finished with his school day by lunchtime. In school, Nick is much better able to manage his attention issues when he is sufficiently interested in the classroom subject matter. While Nick enjoys good health, he does have a congenital anomaly characterized by an abnormal smallness of his left eye socket; he does have a prosthetic eye.

Nick, who was adopted early in his life, came into care in 2007. The disruption of his adoption left him with the residual effects of past trauma which include difficulty believing adults will truly be there for him and, at times, oppositional behavior. Multiple placements in foster care have exacerbated these issues.

Nick is doing well and enjoys living at his current therapeutic group home. The experienced staff members are providing the stability, structure, emotional safety, and therapeutic supports that help him stay on track and he is beginning to share his feelings and emotions and his daily experiences with them. Dealing with his feelings continues to be an issue for Nick. Sometimes his attention span becomes shortened due to highly emotional and anxiety driven episodes which cause a temporary loss of focus and concentration. Nick does like the staff, though, and also likes the other boys who are also in residence. Nick continues to benefit from medication therapy.

It is likely that Nick will continue to need therapeutic supports for the foreseeable future. Being willing to participate with Nick in family counseling during the transition into his new home could be an effective way for his adoptive folks to show their love and commitment to him. It would also let him know that they value using such resources to help family members deal with past hurts and make behavioral changes.

Nick needs adoptive parents who will provide a predictable daily routine, with clear rules, limits, and consistent consequences which have been discussed with him ahead of time. Being willing to give him limited choices in some matters would give him an important sense of control in his life. Patience, a deep level of commitment, and the willingness to hang in there with him over the rough spots will all be important. While two parents would be great, Nick’s worker does not want to miss out on hearing from those exceptional single moms and single dads who have strong support from family, friends, and community resources. Nick would likely do best as an only child.

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