Meet Khristopher

Kind and affectionate, Khristopher’s sunny smile and friendly demeanor brightens up most rooms. Khristopher enjoys interacting with his friends, peers, and adults, and loves spending time with the people he loves. He’s a people person. He makes great connections with the people in his life and has lots of friends at school and in daycare. Khristopher has a few passions in life – things that keep him happy and motivated.

One of those passions is singing! Khristopher loves to sing! He has lots of fun participating in karaoke at home and really appreciates being a part of the choir. His creativity isn’t limited to his love of singing, either. At his daycare program, Khristopher enjoys doing arts and crafts and creating beautiful structures with Legos. Khristopher is also a Boy Scout, which provides him with many opportunities to be active and interact with others. Being a part of the community is really important to Khristopher. Besides Boy Scouts, he regularly attends church and feels a strong connection to his community.

Khristopher really likes school, and is doing well. As he heads into the 6th grade, he continues to make academic progress. Khristopher appreciates receiving time and attention from his teachers and mentors. Khristopher is attending online through zoom at this time. His future adoptive family should be supportive and excited about Khristopher’s progress as he settles into his new home. Quality time is the best time.

Khristopher is also a very active kid! He loves being able to get outside and ride his bicycle around in the fresh air. He also really enjoys going to the park or playing basketball, soccer, or taekwondo. Khristopher generally likes the chance to participate in any kind of group activity – bonus points if it’s something active. Hanging outside is fun for Khristopher, but he knows how to have downtime as well. He loves the chance to play a favorite computer game or use his big imagination to create a fun game to play.

Khristopher would really like to be adopted. Above all else, he really just wants to belong. Khristopher would do well with a nurturing adoptive family who will take the time to listen attentively, be consistent, and provide clear rules. He just wants someone to be there. Khristopher would also do really well in a family who can provide him with choices – he does best when his voice is heard.

Khristopher thrives in a household with structure and who enjoys spending time together. Khristopher really enjoys his foster family and loves doing activities together as a unit. A musically inclined adoptive family who could join in and encourage Khristopher’s love of choir and singing would be an extra great fit for him!

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Portraits by Yuen Lui.

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