Meet Khris

Khris is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Loves all things: Super hero
Always up for: Family movie night
Known for: His kindness
Looking for: A permanent place to call home

Kind and affectionate, Khris's sunny smile and friendly demeanor leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets. Khris is truly a people person - he makes great connections with those in his life. He loves to spend time with his friends, the fellow members of his boy scout troop, his youth group at church, and the adults in his life. With a kid as outgoing and social as Khris, it's no surprise that he was ready to dive head first into creating his own In-Depth Profile to introduce himself to potential families.

Spend any amount of time talking with Khris, and it won't be long before one of his favorite topics comes up: superheroes! From Marvel, to DC, to Power Rangers, Khris loves to immerse himself in these fantastic worlds. If Khris could have any super power of his own, he'd want to be able to use lightning like one of his most favorite super heroes, Thor. Halloween is an especially fun time of year for Khris, who loves to be able to dress up like all his favorite characters. Not to mention Khris's love for candy!

Check out Khris's superhero talk to hear him go into detail about which heroes he loves the most - and the villains he wants to defeat!

Khris is a very active kid! He loves being able to get outside and ride his bicycle around in the fresh air. He also really enjoys going to the park or playing basketball, soccer, or taekwondo. Running around outside is fun for Khris, but he knows how to make the most of his downtime as well. You'll often find him curled up on a Friday night settling in for movie time! Besides his obvious love for super hero flicks, Khris also loves action movies or anything having to do with sports. The Last Dragon with Bruce Leroy and The Mighty Ducks rank high on Khris's list of his all-time favorite movies.

Khris takes us through a taste test of some of his favorite classic movie snacks. Movie buff, snack aficionado - Khris does it all!

As previously mentioned, Khris loves to spend quality time with other people. It's really important for him to be involved in all the different communities in his life. Khris loves getting weekly time with his youth group, and going on weekend outings with his boy scout troop. He also loves spending time with furry friends, and would love to have a dog of his own someday. Some of Khris's other interests include LEGOs, arts and crafts, and video games.

Northwest Adoption Exchange · Khris' Teacher #1

Listen in to hear one of Khris' teachers reflect on his kindness and helpfulness in the classroom.

Khris really likes school, and is doing well. Currently in the 6th grade, he continues to make academic progress and makes a strong impression on all of his teachers and mentors. As some of the people who know him best, Khris was excited to include some words of praise from his teachers as a part of his profile. His future adoptive family should be supportive and excited about Khris’s progress as he settles into his new home.

Northwest Adoption Exchange · Khris' Teacher #2

Hear how Khris welcomed his new teacher into the classroom and why she thinks he deserves all the love in the world.

Khris's team has noticed that he thrives in a household who enjoys spending time together. Quality time is the best time! Khris really enjoys spending time with his foster family and loves doing activities together as a unit. Khris' team also thinks he will do well with a nurturing family who will take the time to listen attentively, be consistent, and provide him with clear expectations. They also think he'll do really well in a family who can provide him with choices – he does best when he knows that his voice is being heard and valued.

Khris really wants to find a permanent home and a family that he can call his own - for good. He just wants someone to be there. We can't wait to help find this super great kid the adoptive family he deserves. If you’re interested in learning more about Khris, please reach out to us!

Portraits by Evelyn Parbon in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

Beyond the Profile: I had the happy pleasure of getting to know Khris over the course of a couple of months while we worked on his In-Depth Profile. During the planning stage we talked on the phone and over Zoom several times and he was always so polite, inquisitive and eager to share. He got really excited talking about how much he loves dogs, told me all about his best friend at school and how they like to share lunches and do art projects together, and really lit up when we talked about Halloween, his favorite holiday. When I finally got to meet him in person it was like we had known each other forever. One of the things I loved best about our time together, as you can see in his first video, is how involved he wanted to be with the creative process and how he included my coworker, Naomi, and me in the project. He really loved working with the camera and coming up with ideas for pictures and videos, and his ideas were really fun and creative! Another thing that stood out about Khris was his kindness and empathy. While making his movie snacks video he insisted on sharing his candy with Naomi and me, and wanted to hear our opinions on them too. Likewise, when shooting his super hero movie review, he showed so much compassion when talking about how Wolverine's claws coming out is painful for Wolveriene, and how much he always wants the good guys to win. Khris's kindness and compassion was brought up a lot by his foster mom, school staff and teachers as well, so it's obvious these are core traits of his. I can't wait for Khris to find an adoptive family who will appreciate all of his wonderful qualities.

Ginger Seslar - Youth Engagement Specialist