Meet Benjamin

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Benjamin (Ben) is a bright boy with aspirations of being a Paleontologist or to star in a Walking Dead episode as a zombie. He has a lot of imagination and loves sushi; shrimp is a favorite most of all. He loves trying new foods, but don’t be surprised if he can’t finish it all or tells you it is not his thing. He enjoys playing and getting new video games along with being inquisitive in learning new things. He would like to learn to fish as he has only fished one time in his life and it is something that interests him. He would also like to be on a soccer team and be supported by a family that encourages him to do the best he can.

What Ben would like in a family is parents who understand him and like to do different things outside. He is ready to take on challenges but will need encouragement to do so and someone who doesn’t mind it when kids forget to do all those things grown ups wish that they would. He’s looking for a family that has patience and kindness to walk him through a tough day and, at times, weather the storms with empathy and understanding. Ben wants a family who is interested in him, his activities, and who wants him to be a part of their family. He wants adults who care about his feelings, thoughts, and want to do things with him. He loves pets! A family who loves weird facts, appreciates dinosaurs, and Spider Man facts would be awesome!

Ben is in contact in a meaningful way with multiple birth family members. He has also made some positive adult connections in the community that would be important to maintain. While a new family is important to him, his past is also important to keep intact.

Ben needs caregivers with a great deal of patience and an unwavering commitment. He needs parents who enjoy helping kids build skills and who can advocate them in lots of areas, both in and outside of school. Ben also needs a family who can help ensure a smooth and settled transition so he can feel confident and assured about the move.

Ben would do best in a home with no other children so he can get the spotlight and attention he deserves. While Ben will undoubtedly have his teenage moments, there should also be ample opportunity for a lot of fun along the way as he has a great sense of humor. Ben is an amazing youth who deserves the safety, security and unconditional love that permanency will provide.

Could you see Benjamin as part of your family?

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