Meet Tyson

If you need a helping hand, Tyson is your guy. Proactive and helpful in all aspects of his life, whether it’s at home, school, or out in the community, Tyson is the kind of kid who wants to make life a little easier for those around him. Any chance to get out into the community, to attend an event or just to spend time in his neighborhood, Tyson will undoubtedly be in. Generally speaking, Tyson thrives in a supportive environment. This great kid would like to be adopted by the right family. He feels most comfortable in environments that offer him structure while also setting boundaries and offering lots of love and support. We’re hopeful we can help him find that.

Currently in the 4th grade, school is a great environment for Tyson, who excels academically. He’s very intelligent and an intellectual thinker and enjoys school. Currently, he’s very excited about being able to participate in choir! Tyson is also a really social kid who enjoys interacting with others. An adoptive family who can help him navigate the social waters of school and friendships would be really beneficial for him.

Tyson is definitely an inspired thinker who enjoys singing, reading, and creative writing. He also likes to get outside to play, especially if it involves learning about something new through a fun experiment or activity. Tyson will also happily challenge anyone to a game – Go Fish! is his specialty.

A great communicator, Tyson is able to relate to adults and caregivers in a way that builds trust and a nice foundation. He does really well with routine and his daily tasks – an adoptive family who will work with Tyson to find the best routine for the whole family will be a great fit for him.

We’re excited to find Tyson the adoptive family he deserves. If you can see him in yours, please reach out to us!

Could you see Tyson as part of your family?

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