Meet Tyson

Tyson is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Loves all things: Sports
Always up for: A round of bowling
Known for: His helpfulness
Looking for: A permanent place to call home

There are so many great things to say about Tyson, from his dedication to school to his interest in just about any hobby. A great way to explain who Tyson is comes from one of his previous caseworkers, who has said:

“Tyson is eager to explore the world and gain new knowledge.”

For fun, Tyson enjoys science experiments, puzzles, reading, playing with LEGOs, or playing any kind of game—board, card, or video! Outside, Tyson really likes to go hiking, play in a park, or ride his bike around the neighborhood. Something Tyson also enjoys that would be a great activity for his future family—exploring museums! Tyson’s really into sports too and has played on school and local baseball and basketball teams, but possibly Tyson’s favorite sport is bowling.

Learning is invigorating to Tyson, who excels academically. Currently in the 7 th grade, he continues to be a motivated and responsible student. School is an enjoyable part of his life, and Tyson works hard to do well, sometimes even completing extra work ahead of time. Tyson intends to be a professional baseball player and when he retires from that, he would like to be a sports broadcaster and/or an umpire!

Tyson wanted to share about his favorite school subject, science, in his In-Depth Profile by recreating some fun experiments!

If you need a helping hand, Tyson is your guy. Proactive and helpful in all aspects of his life, whether it’s at home, school, or out in the community, Tyson is the kind of kid who wants to make life a little easier for those around him. Any chance to support the community, he will undoubtedly be in.

Tyson is eager to move somewhere he can call home. What’s a good fit for him? Well, he’s an intelligent, thoughtful, friendly kid who would be great in any loving home. Tyson is super friendly and enjoys one-on-one time with both adults and people his own age. His conversation skills are wonderful and he always gives his full attention.

Generally speaking, Tyson thrives in a supportive environment. This great kid would like to be adopted by the right family. He feels most comfortable in environments that offer him structure while also setting boundaries and offering lots of love and support. We’re hopeful we can help him find that.

If you’d like to learn more about who Tyson is and if your family is the right fit, please reach out to us to be connected with his team.

Beyond the Profile

Working with Tyson on his In-Depth Profile was such an amazing and fun experience. From our first introductory Zoom call he was engaged and excited to create something awesome. He is such a good conversationalist, polite, smart and FUNNY! He shared with me all about his many interests and passions, including sports, puzzle games, math, and science (did I mention how smart he is?) After brainstorming a bunch of ideas over a few weeks, he decided to focus his In-Depth Profile on his love for bowling, and science experiments. He told me all about how long he's been bowling, lessons he's taken, how much he enjoys it, and how excited he is to be joining a bowling league this year. We had a blast hanging out at the bowling alley playing several rounds, and he wasn't kidding... he is good! But beyond his bowling skills, I was completely taken aback by just how cool Tyson is. He had me laughing the whole time we were together, with his witty comments and silly jokes. It felt like we had known each other forever and I truly enjoyed the time I got to spend with him. Tyson is such an amazing young man, and he really captured my heart. I can't wait to see him join an equally amazing adoptive family.

Ginger - NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist.