Meet Mickee

We're excited to highlight some of Mickee's story through our In-Depth Profiles, an NWAE project that engages youth to share directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Loves: Dancing
Always up for: A round of karaoke
Known for: His laughter and happiness
Looking for: An adoptive family he can call his own

A fun kid with a dynamite smile and a great laugh, Mickee loves doling out hugs to his loved ones. Always up for a fun activity, one of Mickee’s favorite things to do is dance! Mickee loves learning and recreating the moves on the video game "Just Dance" while he sings along to the songs. Mickee is a people person and enjoys sharing his toys and books with friends. He also loves curling up on the couch to watch cartoons. Right now he's really into the show, "Super Wings", and you can often find him enthusiastically reciting lines from his favorite "Super Wings" characters. Getting outside to play is something Mickee really enjoys as well!

The holidays are one of Mickee's favorite times of year. He enjoys playing dress up and gets excited to show off his costumes on Halloween. Preparing for Christmas is exciting for Mickee too. He loves helping out with Christmas decorations, holiday baking, and he has his Christmas wish list ready for Santa by early November!

Mickee shares his Christmas wish list.

Mickee does best when he has highly structured, consistent environments at home and at school. Working alongside teachers who give him the right amount of support has been really beneficial for him. Mickee has also been doing well with a toolbox of strategies he can rely on during particularly tough days.

An experienced adoptive family who can provide Mickee with lots of support, encouragement, and supervision will be the best fit for him. The ideal adoptive family will have lots of specialized experience in parenting and will have lots of connections to local community resources.

Mickee hopes to find the perfect adoptive family he can call his own. If you can see Mickee in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves!

Tarek, Mickee's caregiver, shares some of his favorite things about Mickee and why everyone who knows Mickee, loves him.

Beyond the Profile: Mickee was such an amazing kid to get to work on an In-Depth Profile with. When I spoke with his social worker and caregiver to coordinate my first meeting with Mickee, both told me about his cheerful personality, but I was not expecting just how cheerful Mickee really is! You cannot help but constantly smile in Mickee's presence as his graciousness and positivity is second to none. Mickee and I first met over Zoom a few times where he talked about things he'd like to include in his profile, told jokes and showed me art work he had made. Then I got to meet Mickee in person. As soon as I arrived he greeted me with a resounding, "welcome!" and that set the tone for our entire visit. Mickee made me feel extremely welcome the whole time and was excited to share all of the things he loves with me. He was eager to read his favorite book out loud to me, talk about Christmas and how he loves Christmas decorations, and dance! Mickee loves to dance, and watching him enthusiastically follow along with his favorite songs on the video game, Just Dance, was so much fun. One of my favorite things about Mickee are his catchphrases. He loves to wake up on a sunny day and say, "it's a beautiful day for a morning!" and how right he is! After his videos were edited and I got to show them to him for the first time, he was so sweet, telling me what a good job I did and how beautiful they are. Mickee really cares about the people in his life and always wants to make them feel loved. When I spoke with a former teacher, and a former caregiver of Mickee's, they both had such wonderful things to say about him and how much they miss being around him. Mickee is going to bring so much love and joy to an adoptive family, I can't wait until he finds the perfect place to call home.

Ginger Seslar - Youth Engagement Specialist